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On the Run with Sam: Winter Running Comfort

On the Run with Sam

Winter Running Comfort: It’s All About the Layers

You! Yes, you! I know you ran a turkey trot and were FREEZING. 

I’ve been there, too. 

It’s time to learn how to properly layer instead of throwing on everything you have that could possibly keep you warm while you’re enduring New York’s winter months. 

Cotton, unfortunately, is not your friend in these times. It holds sweat and doesn’t wick it. Think of a soggy t-shirt in the snow. Not fun! Do not recommend.

Having a performance material base layer will be your best trick to staying warm. 

Depending on the temperature and elements, you might not need more than a good base layer plus a vest on top to keep your core temperature up. The best materials for this are merino wool, polyester-wool blend, and fleece-lined layers. Silk is also a great material for this, but it is costly. 

Trial and error is necessary to find what works best for you. Some like to “be bold and start cold,” as my friend Sarah would put it, meaning they wear less layers knowing they will warm up once they get moving. One rule of thumb is dressing like it is 10-15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, so you won’t overheat. Others like to shed layers or suffer through the warmth as they warm up.

Some runners choose to keep wearing shorts and tank tops and retreat inside during the winter. Honestly, I envy you for being able to withstand treadmill running. You people truly boggle my mind. I’ll do anything to avoid the “dreadmill.”

Now, the next layer: After a base layer, if you need more than that and a vest, continue along this layering journey with me. On top of this base layer, you might like a thermal hoodie. Brands like New Balance, Saucony, Mizuno and Craft make excellent options for all body types for these purposes. 

Now, let's not forget tights for winter running. These are even more of an essential in my opinion. If my legs are cold, they ain’t movin’! I LOVE the heat tights from New Balance. They are reflective and fleece lined. These are great for winter running. They wick away the sweat and keep me more visible. 

Mizuno, as many of you know, also has high quality cold-weather gear that uses their breath thermal technology. This uses your sweat and turns it into heat using their special fibers. If you’re interested, we have demos in store for you to try!

Now, get on into Fleet Feet and find your Perfect Fit of layers to keep you comfortable all winter.

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