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On the Run with Sam: Join the Fleet Feet Distance Project!

Join the Fleet Feet Distance Project!

It’s that time of year. We’ve all been there. The hopeful rush of becoming your best self in this new year has likely subsided and life’s mysteries have taken ahold of your daily life.

Personally, keeping myself motivated is tough in the winter. It’s cold, dark, the roads are bad… you get the idea.  Really, you could substitute any excuse in that previous sentence, and I’d side with the excuse to not get myself out the door for a run.

This is where something like the Fleet Feet Distance Project comes in handy. When I started working at Fleet Feet, almost four years ago now, I was a washed up ex-high school runner who had no idea how to train on my own. I joined Patti and Charles in Saratoga with their 5k and 10k advanced group to keep myself running.

I found the workouts detailed and interesting. It was a new experience to train with people who really wanted to get faster, not just an after-school activity to keep themselves busy.

Within our training groups, you can expect a positive group environment, varied training runs, and activities like long runs, speed work, yoga, and more.

I think the group stretching is my favorite part. In my younger days, I could hop out of the car and go. But now, at the ripe old age of 21, this same idea is foreign to me. I must stretch and do all the little things like band work to keep myself moving efficiently and comfortably.

Signups for our training programs are open now, with groups available in both Albany and Malta.

            ⁃          Malta and Albany 5K Beginner (virtual option available)

            ⁃          Malta and Albany 5K and 10K Advanced (virtual option available)

            ⁃          Malta Half- and Full-Marathon (virtual option available)

Click here for additional information and to register!

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