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On the Run with Sam: Get Visible!

On The Run With Sam: Get Visible!

Samantha Simmons

Recently, I saw a young woman running in Brunswick at roughly 8:30 p.m. Unfortunately, she was not wearing any lights and the only reflective gear she had was the one strip of reflective overlay on the upper back of her long sleeve, which could only be seen every other step or so as her hair waved side to side with her stride. 

This brings up an important conversation about reflective gear as the days are getting shorter and darker. Being seen, even in the daytime, is important for any outdoor activity. In a split second your life can change because of a decision not to wear something that brings attention to yourself. Whether you’re hiking, walking, running, etc., it is necessary to be visible.

During the day, it’s okay to not have lights, but be sure to wear bright and visible clothing. Even on a bike path you should still practice this. 

In early dusk and into the evening, it is very important to still wear those bright colors and have a light source of some kind. In a pinch I ran with my flashlight on my phone, though this is not ideal. The best way to work with lights is to get little clip-ons that you can put on the bill of a hat, on the back of your shirt, or the bottom of your pant leg.

Vests are also a good option, and no they’re not just for construction workers. These will be always highly visible. Usually, these pieces are bright in color already and have accompanying reflective strips. 

Many of us run before or after work. These also happen to be busy times on the road as people are commuting and usually in a rush. Being visible will make drivers more aware and keep you alive. 

Look for pieces that are reflective, especially for running in darker hours of the day. High visibility typically refers to those brighter color options, so that is better for daytime if you can’t find anything that is reflective. 

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