On the Run with Sam: Cross Country -- It is a Team Thing

Cross Country: It’s a Team Thing

I’ve talked about team a lot and what it means. But this month I want to look at how it functions. 

For cross country runners out there, now is your time to shine in the teamwork/ teammate zone. Cross country is the season in running where you have nothing but your team out there on the course. You’re all running the same race. Unlike track and field (mostly), you have every teammate depending on your placement and team ranking at the end of the race – lowest score wins!

That’s not to put too much pressure on you, but if you’re about to give up, don’t. You have people out there depending on you. 

I recently read Alexi Pappas’s new book, Bravey for young readers, and I think there’s a lot of messages that are relatable to everyone. She wrote about being “glop” -- which refers to the state a caterpillar goes through in its cocoon before becoming a beautiful butterfly. It’s ok to be in your “glophood” phase -- whatever that means to you. 

And most of us will never be great runners (But, running is great and we’re all runners, so we’re all great runners – ed.) I’m happy being pretty average. You should be too. There’s a lot of other things you can “be”. Be a good friend. Be a good knitter. Be a good whatever -- you’ll figure it out. 

When you’re out on the course try not to get too in your head; but try hard enough that you’re satisfied with your effort. 

It’s unfortunate that cross country is the first season of the school year because you then end with track or whatever spring sport you’re playing and the team isn’t quite like a cross country team with so much diversity in personality. Cherish these next few months. They go quick.

Samantha Simmons


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