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New Sessions of Fleet Feet Yoga!

A new 8-week session of Fleet Feet Yoga starts on Monday, March 4. 

Unfortunately, we have canceled the yoga session at Albany.

Click below for more information and to register. We have a session at Fleet Feet Malta.

Fleet Feet Malta Yoga

Fleet Feet Yoga (a Sanskrit word meaning "yoke" or "union") is designed to help build strength, balance, flexibility, prevent injury, and relieve stress, which is especially important for runners & walkers. Reserve one hour per week to invest in your health and wellness. Yoga is the perfect active recovery workout for runners, walkers and all athletes. This Fleet Feet Yoga class will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and increase your balance and stability -- keeping your mind & body healthy and your feet on the road. This class is appropriate for people of all abilities and levels of yoga experience (including yoga newbies).

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