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Karhu Fusion 2021

The updated Fusion is one of the first shoes in “The Every Runner’s Rights” footwear collection. What does this mean? That every runner has the right to the best fitting shoe for optimal performance. Karhu accomplishes this by compiling data from Fleet Feet’s FitID foot scanner to help take into account average shapes and unique foot characteristics in the shoe design process. When you take Karhu shoes for a run, you are exercising your Every Runner’s Rights. The Fusion 2021 remains a high cushion daily trainer with a plush, yet energetic ride. The shortened fulcrum allows for a quicker transition. Karhu has also used the FitID data to create a more precise fitting last for women — HeraFit. The new version of the Fusion also has a bit more forefoot protection. Karhu’s running shoe offerings just keep getting better and better and you can only get them from Fleet Feet. Drop by Fleet Feet Albany and Malta to try them out.

Every Runner's Rights

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