Best Carbon Plated Running Shoes 2024

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From the mile to the marathon, running shoes with carbon-fiber plates have revolutionized the sport.

What are carbon-plated shoes?

Carbon-plated shoes have a thin carbon plate sandwiched in the midsole foam to help propel you forward during your run or race. Carbon is incredibly lightweight, strong and stiff. It is normally combined with a super light, bouncy and responsive foam to give you comfort and energy return over longer distances.

Carbon plates help you run faster because it helps keep your big toes straighter during your gait cycle and gives you more explosive toe-offs. They provide maximum energy return, minimal ground contact time and delay fatigue, making you a more efficient and faster runner.

History of the carbon-plated shoes

The boom of shoes with carbon-fiber plates came in the wake of the original Nike Vaporfly 4%, which promised a 4 percent improvement in running economy. Nike’s claim was initially backed up by independent lab tests, and it was bolstered by a steady stream of boundary-breaking performances by athletes like Eluid Kipchoge, who in 2019 ran a (non-official) sub-two hour marathon in the Nike AlphaFly NEXT%..

Soon, other brands began releasing their own models packed with ultra-responsive foam compositions and propulsive carbon-fiber plates. HOKA debuted the Carbon X at a special event in California, and New Balance unleashed the FuelCell 5280 for one of the premier mile events in the country.

By propelling athletes to new world records, surpassing the perceived limits of human performance and claiming podium spots around the world, this new generation of speedy shoes has proven it's here to stay—and there are more on the way.

Who are carbon-plated shoes for?

Carbon-plated running shoes started out as shoes only for the super-fast, and they are still mostly known as racing shoes. But this technology has now branched out from road racing shoes to carbon-plated daily trainers and trail shoes.

With companies finding new ways to adapt the carbon-fiber technology to make it more durable and flexible to fit a variety of situations, more innovation and adaptation is sure to continue with carbon fiber to benefit more and more runners of all types and abilities.

Every runner can become more efficient and faster with carbon-plated shoes, but the racing models are going to work best for people who are looking for a slight edge over the competition and shave minutes or seconds off of their racing time. One last thing to consider is that the best carbon-plated racing shoes are made to be as light and efficient as possible, which can reduce the durability of the shoe.

Here are the best carbon fiber-plated running shoes you need to know about:

Best Carbon-Plated Shoes for Racing

Best Carbon-Plated Shoes for Training

Best Carbon-Plated Shoes for Trails

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Get ready to pass the competition in the adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3. The carbon ENERGYRODS 2.0 have been re-engineered into one piece to provide even more energy return and smoother transitions. There are two layers of the resilient Lightstrike Pro foam surrounding the ENERGYRODS 2.0 to provide cushion and propel you through your run.

There was extensive research done by adidas to optimize the performance of this racing shoe—the new lightweight upper provides support where runners need it the most, while Continental rubber on the outsole strategically placed where runners toe-off from gives you better traction as you sprint to the finish line.

Read more in our adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 review.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

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Brooks powered the updated Hyperion Elite 2 with a DNA Flash midsole designed to cushion fast transitions and deliver big energy returns with each step. An integrated carbon-fiber plate propels you forward with each step and keeps the shoe responsive so you can reach top speeds on the road. Brooks also carved the midsole foam into a newly engineered Rapid Roll shape to support smooth heel-toe transitions as you run.

Designed with durability in mind, the Hyperion Elite 2 will last anywhere between 200-400 miles, giving you the premium speed of a race shoe and the endurance of an everyday trainer.

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4

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New Balance updated the FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4 for lightning speed. To push you to faster speeds, the new FuelCell midsole foam is uniquely designed to deliver high energy return and is combined with a full-length carbon-fiber plate that keeps the ride snappy and maximizes the efficiency of each step.

A thin, snug and super light upper completes this racing shoe. One difference between this and some of the other carbon-plated shoes on this list is that it has a more traditional tongue, something that our reviewers praised in our New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4 review.

Another plus for this shoe is that the outsole is tacky, which works well on slippery surfaces.

Saucony Endorphin Elite

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Saucony turbo-charged the Endorphin Elite to crush your records. A full-length slotted carbon plate is sandwiched between layers of Saucony’s brand-new PWRRUN HG foam that provides even more energy return.

These two new technologies work together to deliver smooth transitions, high energy return and unbeatable responsiveness. Saucony also features a more aggressive SPEEDROLL construction in the Endorphin Elite that uses elevated cushioning and a stiff forefoot to generate power with each step. Testers loved the new feel underfoot in our Saucony Endorphin Elite review.

One key way that the Endorphin Elite varies from other racing shoes in this category is the upper. The lightweight upper features cut-outs and straps for a distraction-free fit and unparalleled breathability.

HOKA Rocket X 2

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HOKA engineered the Rocket X2 with its lightest components yet to blast you through your next race.

Featuring a redesigned spoon-shaped carbon-fiber plate throughout the midsole to create a responsive and snappy ride, the Rocket X is a more cushioned, lightweight alternative to the HOKA Carbon X3.

The midsole is designed with brand-new super-light, super-cushioned and super-responsive PEBA foam to support each step and propel you forward toward your next PR. In our HOKA Rocket X2 review, our runners loved the upper that has an internal midfoot cage to give you a snug performance fit and keep you on top of the large stack height of foam while you race around turns. It also fits a bit wider in the forefoot than other carbon-plated racing shoes on this list.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2

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The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is made to race longer distances while beating your personal records. It uses the lightweight and responsive ENERZY LITE+ midsole foam with Mizuno’s carbon-reinforced Wave Plate to help you have explosive toe-offs and race to the finish.

Mizuno gave the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 a very unique rocker-like geometry to propel you forward and make you more efficient. Plus, strategic cutouts in the sole relieve the pressure that the carbon plate can put on your foot to keep your legs feeling fresh.

The grippy outsole and superlight upper complete the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 and will help you get to the finish line in record time.

On Cloudboom Echo 3

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Everything about the On Cloudboom Echo 3 is made for speed.

The brand new Pebax® based midsole combines with On’s carbon-fiber Speedboard® and aggressive rocker shape to propel you past the competition. Perfect for 5Ks, 10Ks or half-marathons, the microfiber upper is incredibly lightweight and keeps you locked in as you race.

The On Cloudboom Echo 3 is ready for race day with plenty of pop to go the distance in record time.

Best Carbon-Plated Training Shoes

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2

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The New Balance SuperComp Trainer v2 has quickly become a fan favorite of Fleet Feet customers and reviewers alike. This shoe contains an arched carbon plate that is sandwiched between two layers of FuelCell cushioning. New Balance’s Energy Arc technology places a strategic midsole void that increases energy return and keeps your legs feeling fresh.

One difference between the SuperComp Trainer v2 and other super shoes is that this one is made to cover most of your miles. Everything from long runs and walks to speedwork and racing can be done in this shoe since it is more durable than most race-day shoes. New Balance made the newest version lighter and more stable while maintaining its durability and peppy ride, which our reviewers loved in the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2 review.

HOKA Carbon X 3

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Get to the finish line faster with the snappy, responsive HOKA Carbon X3. This shoe features a carbon-fiber plate integrated into the super-light midsole foam to deliver a responsive yet cushioned ride for fast road races or long training runs. A robust Meta-Rocker in the midsole supports a rolling cadence to keep your transitions quick and light.

HOKA updated this shoe by changing the upper to an engineered knit. It has a bootie-like construction and bold, asymmetrical colors to give you style as you cross the finish line.

Read more in our HOKA Carbon X3 review.

Saucony Kinvara Pro

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Roll through your training with the Kinvara Pro. Made to handle 99% of your runs, Saucony placed a ¾ carbon plate in this shoe, which is shorter than Saucony’s race-day ready carbon-plated shoe, the Endorphin Elite. The plate is sandwiched between a tall stack of Saucony’s PWRRUN PB foam that is lightweight and energetic. In our Saucony Kinvara Pro review, our runners loved how light and peppy this shoe felt and how it helped assist with quick leg turnover.

The upper of the Kinvara Pro is made of an engineered mesh that feels cushioned around your foot in all of the right places. It is thicker than the race-day version of the shoe to give it enough durability to stand up to daily training.

Best Carbon-Plated Trail Shoes

Saucony Endorphin Edge

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Fly through the trails with the Saucony Endorphin Edge. The Edge features a flexible Carbitex™ AFX carbon-fiber plate designed specifically for trail running: It gives you speed and efficiency without sacrificing ground contact, and its three-fourths length lets your heel strike adapt on varied terrain. This works in combination with Saucony’s SPEEDROLL geometry to propel you forward.

The Endorphin Edge has all of the characteristics that you need from a good trail shoe—comfortable and responsive cushioning with Saucony’s PWRRUN PB, grip and traction with the PWRTRAC outsole, and a breathable upper.

HOKA Tecton X 2

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The HOKA Tecton X lets you speed through the trails with ease.

HOKA built the Tecton with a unique set of parallel carbon plates that pair performance with protection: The plates deliver the propulsive feeling carbon-plated shoes are known for and also shield your feet from rocks and roots. Plus, they’re flexible enough to handle uneven terrain.

The Tecton X features HOKA’s soft, lightweight and responsive ProFlyX™ foam that is comfortable enough for everyday training but also allows you to pick up the pace for race day, which our reviewers loved in the HOKA Tecton X review.

You’ll also have plenty of grip with the Vibram® Megagrip with Litebase outsole, while the new Matryx® upper is light, breathable and inherently hydrophobic to provide a great fit.

Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2

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Made for elite ultra-marathon runners, the Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2 is made for speed over long distances. A split-toe carbon plate gives you energy return and efficiency benefits of the carbon plate but allows it to work well on uneven surfaces at a variety of paces. This, combined with Craft’s responsive Vault Foam™, gives you lightweight cushioning to go the distance.

The Vibram™ MegaGrip™ outsole gives you plenty of traction, while the one-piece upper has a race-style fit that is lightweight and breathable. The Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2 is durable enough for training, yet light enough for racing.

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