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The unique look of On running shoes makes a quick statement. The performance backs it up.

One of the main features of On’s running shoes are the Cloud elements—the rounded pods beneath each shoe. The elements make use of the characteristics of traditional foam midsole but take advantage of geometry, too.

Engineers designed its On Cloud shoes to collapse when you land and spring back into shape when you take off. The result is a cushioned landing and a responsive takeoff.

On designs its shoes for a wide range of workouts. From shoes meant to eat up the majority of your miles to the lightweight trail running shoes, you can find the best On running shoes for any situation.

Here are our editor's picks for the best On running shoes:

[Updated August 17, 2021. This article is part of the Fleet Feet Buyer's Guide for The Best Running Shoes 2021. Find all the best running shoes from the top brands for all situations.]

Best On Running Shoes for Everyday Training

On Cloud X

Tempo run, HIIT workout, strength training. The On Cloud X does it all.

On designed the well-rounded Cloud X to be agile and versatile. To do that, designers started with Helion foam. The lightweight foam is cushioned on landing and responsive on takeoff to give you a powerful feel.

Raised sidewalls help center your foot and give you stability, which creates security whether you’re running, jumping or changing direction. A light but durable engineered mesh upper promotes breathability, and the no-sew construction limits distractions so you can focus on pushing your workout.

With On’s signature Speedboard for a snappier ride, the On Cloud X is an ideal training partner for whatever workout you have planned.

Best On Running Shoes for Everyday Activity

On Cloud

Womens On Cloud

The shoes you wear every day need to be comfortable, cushioned and lightweight. The On Cloud is all three.

The classic (and best-selling) On Cloud shoes use On’s CloudTec technology to create its unique look and feel. The company’s Zero-Gravity foam is shaped into Cloud elements—the name for the individual pods that make up the midsole—to give you soft landings.

Sandwiched inside the shoe, On’s Speedboard gives the Cloud a springier feel. On says the Speedboard loads with energy when you land and snaps back into form to turn that energy into forward motion, meaning it feels like the shoe is helping propel you forward.

Designers threaded quick-tie laces through the soft upper, for a performance-minded fit that’s easy to slide on and off.

Best On Running Shoes for City Running

On Cloudswift 2.0

Designers built the On Cloudswift 2.0 on top of a Helion foam midsole to give it everything you need for city running. On’s top-tier foam is light and cushioned for miles on pavement, and it provides excellent durability.

Like all On running shoes, the Cloudswift’s midsole is carved into Cloud elements, so you get the benefit of the foam and the specific shapes of each Cloud element; each element collapses when your foot lands and springs back into shape when you take off for a cushioned and powerful ride.

Fleet Feet testers said that the shoe delivers excellent arch support, feels light on foot and promotes a snappy response thanks to the Speedboard. Like all On running shoes, the Cloudswift has a smart, minimalist look that our testers love, which brings top performance and the right style to urban runs.

Read more in our On Cloudswift review.

Best On Running Shoes for Support and Stability

On Cloudflyer

The On Cloudflyer adds confident stability to a lightweight, fully cushioned running experience.

To create stability, designers used fewer Cloud elements underfoot than in other On running shoes. The 12 elements beneath the shoe are wider than the standard versions, and they’re configured to help reduce inward rotation, making the Cloudflyer great for overpronators.

On’s Zero-Gravity foam provides ample cushioning while keeping the shoe’s weight low, and the internal Speedboard creates a more stable, natural transition.

With On’s unique star-lacing system that enhances flexibility and distributes pressure evenly, the On Cloudflyer is a great shoe for experienced marathoners and new runners alike.

Best On Running Shoes for Cushioning

On Cloudstratus

The Cloudstratus is On’s most cushioned running shoe yet. With double the Cloud elements for double the cushion, this shoe feels soft on landings and is springy enough to pick up the pace when you’re feeling fresh.

Comfort and performance jump out as two of the best features of this high cushioned running shoe. In our review of the On Cloudstratus, testers from Fleet Feet loved the bouncy ride and spacious fit thanks to a wider toe box. This makes the Cloudstratus a great option for long runs and marathon training when your feet swell a little more than usual.

Built to give you a smooth and stable ride out on the road, a snappy Speedboard that comes standard in On’s running shoes is layered between soft and responsive Helion foam cushioning, adding an extra layer of performance with each step.

Best Waterproof On Running Shoes

On Cloud Waterproof

The On Cloud Waterproof takes the original On Cloud and wraps it in waterproofing to keep your feet dry in all conditions.

On uses a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep rain and puddles out of your shoes while still letting moisture and sweat escape. The result is a running shoe that keeps you dry from the inside and outside.

The rest of the shoe is the same as the stock Cloud: Zero-Gravity foam molded into Cloud elements cushions each step, and a molded heel gives you a secure fit. An embedded Speedboard helps transform landing impact into forward momentum, so you get a more propulsive ride.

Best On Running Shoes for Trails

On Cloudventure

Run on clouds when you go off-road. The On Cloudventure continually makes our list of best trail running shoes for its responsive ride and ability to grip the trail on any terrain and in all types of weather conditions.

On’s Cloudtec cushioning reacts to your unique stride and lets you feel the trail as you glide over rocks and roots. For extra comfort on long runs and days spent out on the trail, On uses a layer of their Helion foam in the Cloudventure to soften up the ride.

After listening to feedback from athletes and trail runners, On included a split-design Speedboard to keep the Cloudventure flexible and has the added benefit of working as a protective rock plate.

Ready for any adventure, the On Cloudventure is a do-it-all trail running shoe that can just as easily replace your hiking boots.

Best On Running Shoes for Racing

On Cloudflow

Light and fast, the On Cloudflow is the best On running shoe for race day.

The Cloudflow dons On’s Cloud elements for cushioning and makes use of its premier Helion foam. Working with an On Speedboard embedded in the midsole, the Cloud elements and Helion foam encourage a quick turnover and create a snappy ride.

Draped in a minimal engineered mesh upper, the Cloudflow remains lightweight and nimble. Small details round out the shoe, like an elastic strap to corral excess laces and an outsole rubber pattern designed to grip even on wet pavement.

On Shoe Reviews

On Running Shoes Technology

Cloud Elements + -

The unique pods beneath On running shoes cushion both vertical and horizontal forces that make for easy landings and explosive takeoffs

Zero-Gravity foam + -

The cushioning packed into On's running shoes offer supreme softness in an ultralight package

Rebound-Rubber + -

On's durable, responsive rubber compound used to construct open Cloud elements

Grip-Rubber outsole + -

Found in On trail running shoes, the sticky rubber outsole employs extra grip to keep you upright on the trail

Speedboard + -

A springy board sandwiched into On running shoes works with Cloud elements to support the natural rolling motion of your foot from landing to takeoff

Helion foam + -

On developed Helion for premium performance. The foam is lightweight yet durable, and is highly temperature resistant. This means less compression over time and long-term comfort.

How We Picked the Best On Running Shoes

We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best On running shoes for most runs and the most runners.

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