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High-quality support and smooth rides are the calling cards of the best Mizuno running shoes.

Those qualities propelled Mizuno into the spotlight, and their continuous development of the best running shoe technology lights the road ahead. With some of the most popular running shoes on the market every year, Mizuno is a great brand for beginners and experts alike.

From the shoes that soak up most of your training miles to the race-day models you bust out a few times a year, the best Mizuno running shoes will help you reach your goals.

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Best Mizuno Running Shoes for Everyday Training

Mizuno Wave Rider 26

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The Mizuno Wave Rider 26 is as consistent and comfortable as they come, which is exactly what you need from an everyday running shoe.

The Wave Rider 26 features Mizuno Enerzy foam for a cushioned, bouncy ride and smooth transitions. Designers paired the Enerzy foam with a bio-based wave plate embedded in the midsole that helps to support your foot and propel you forward.

The new jacquard mesh upper is light, breathable and hugs your foot in all the right places as you tick off the miles. Both the upper and outsole are durable enough to last through daily miles and light enough to wear on race day.

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Best Mizuno Running Shoes for Overpronators

Mizuno Wave Horizon 6

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Float away on the Mizuno Wave Horizon 6.

The Horizon 6 features a Foam Wave that both gives the shoe a floating feeling and provides stability. To do that, Mizuno changed the shape of the waves on each side of the shoe. The rectangular waves on the medial side (instep) compress less than the rounded waves on the lateral side (outside), creating the stability overpronators need.

Mizuno also made the base of the Horizon 6 wider than other models and wrapped the outsole up on that medial side. The upper has a tighter knit weave in strategic places that you need support, all to make the shoe more stable.

The floating feeling comes from a strip of Enerzy Core foam set into the shoe. The foam is softer and bouncier than the surrounding material, which gives it the easy riding sensation.

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Best Mizuno Running Shoes for Max Cushion

Mizuno Wave Sky 6

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If you want a soft, smooth ride, the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 is the perfect shoe for you.

Mizuno designed the Wave Sky 6 with two of its top foam compositions: Mizuno Enerzy and Mizuno Enerzy Core. Mizuno Enerzy is the slightly firmer of the two foams for a more versatile ride, while Enerzy Core is the softest and springiest composition in Mizuno’s lineup. Combined, the two foams deliver a supremely soft and bouncy ride with transitions that feel as smooth as silk.

With a smooth, stretch woven upper, this shoe has an adaptive and secure fit. The Mizuno Wave Sky 6 is one of the best Mizuno running shoes for runners craving a cushioned ride.

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Best Mizuno Running Shoes for Support

Mizuno Wave Inspire 18

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The Mizuno Wave Inspire is a tried and true stability shoe that runners of all levels love. The Wave Inspire 18 features a new seamless upper that is lighter and made with recycled materials. In our Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 review, one tester noted “The upper of the Inspire is super comfortable and fits true to size. I like that it has a closed-in mesh that keeps debris out but stays breathable. The laces are nice and long if you want to do the marathon loop or use the back eyelets, and the tongue and heel collar are slightly padded.”

Mizuno uses its Wave Plate technology to dial-up certain attributes. In the Wave Inspire, the Wave Plate creates added stability by dispersing weight evenly across the shoe without feeling overly rigid.

Mizuno incorporated Mizuno Energy foam into the midsole to provide responsive cushioning that lasts through daily training and wear. The shock absorption that the Mizuno Energy foam provides adds to the smooth and stable feel of the shoe and makes it a favorite among our reviewers.

Best Mizuno Running Shoes for Speedwork and Racing

Mizuno Wave Rebellion

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The Mizuno Wave Rebellion is a lightweight running shoe that provides a snappy, quick ride. Designed for speed, the Wave Rebellion has a glass fiber reinforced plate that Mizuno says is 1,141% snappier than the Wave Plate found in the Wave Rider. The glass fiber plate starts in the back of the heel and forks in the forefoot, providing quick toe-offs and easy transitions.

The plate is topped with ENERZY LITE foam, providing a bouncy, cushioned ride that doesn’t weigh you down.

The G3 PU resin outsole makes for excellent traction on the roads, perfect for going fast on wet surfaces. Mizuno has added a stellar snappy and fast shoe to their lineup for speedwork, quick tempo runs or racing. Read more in our review of the Mizuno Wave Rebellion.

Best Mizuno Running Shoes for Long Distance

Mizuno Wave NEO Ultra

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Float away in the environmentally friendly Mizuno Wave NEO Ultra. This midsole features three of Mizuno’s foams, Enerzy Core, Enerzy Lite and Enerzy to provide you the best experience underfoot. These foams are lighter and provide more energy return than traditional foam to make every step feel as though you are running on air.

The knit upper wraps around your foot to give you a secure and comfortable fit. Testers loved how the one piece upper wrapped around your foot in our Mizuno Wave NEO Ultra review. Plus, over 50% of the materials used in the Wave NEO Ultra are made from sustainable or recycled materials, helping to lessen your impact on the environment.

Read more in our Mizuno Wave NEO Ultra and Wind review.

Best for Speedwork

Mizuno Wave NEO Wind

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Run as fast as the wind, while being environmentally conscious in the Mizuno Wave NEO Wind. Made to help propel you through your run, this is a great shoe for speedwork. Mizuno used its Enerzy Lite foam and a Pebax Wave Plate to give you an extra snappy toe-off.

Featuring sustainable manufacturing processes, such as an undyed upper, and recycled materials, this shoe pushes the boundaries of sustainability as you push your pace. In our Mizuno Wave NEO Wind review, testers loved how lightweight and snappy experience of running in this shoe.

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Recent Mizuno Reviews

Mizuno Wave Technology

Mizuno’s Wave technology takes many forms across its range of running shoes.

The Wave’s first job is to promote flexibility. The orientation of the waves creates natural flexibility that works with your foot as it rolls through its transition, but at the same time it resists bending laterally, or from side to side, to improve stability.

After flexibility, the Wave also has to absorb and disperse the impact forces of running and then return some of that energy to create responsiveness. Mizuno says the Wave is able to direct impact forces away from your body but also keep those forces centered in the shoe so you get a more stable feeling.

The new generation of Wave Technology, though, is Mizuno’s Foam Wave. The Foam Wave ditches the traditional plastic insert in favor of foam. Like the Wave Plate, designers influence a shoe’s ride by tweaking the shapes of the wave—flat and rectangular for stability, tall and rounded for cushion.

How We Picked the Best Mizuno Running Shoes

We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best Mizuno running shoes for most runs and the most runners.

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