Best Diadora Running Shoes 2024

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Street-ready style meets Italian swagger in the best Diadora running shoes.

The Italian brand brings high-quality design and materials to the forefront of all of their running shoes, making them some of the most comfortable shoes you can find.

Innovative, lightweight technology makes Diadora shoes a great choice for runners of all abilities. Whether you're looking for extra stability or a lightweight road racer, Diadora makes it easy to find the right shoes for your training and lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for an effortlessly cool look or plush cushioning, Diadora running shoes can do it all.

Here's our pick of the best Diadora running shoes:

What It’s Best For

Shoe Model

Best for Everyday Training

Diadora Mythos Blushield Volo 4

Best for Racing

Diadora Gara Carbon

Best for Wide Feet

Diadora Mythos Vortice 8

Best for Stability

Diadora Mythos Blushield Vigore 2

Best for Long Distance

Diadora Equipe Nucleo

Best for Cushioning

Diadora V7000-2

Best for Standing on Your Feet All Day

Diadora Cellula

Best for Pickleball

Diadora Trofeo 2 AG Pickleball

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Best for Everyday Training: Diadora Mythos Blushield Volo 4

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The Diadora Mythos Blushield Volo 4 is a snappy and lightweight running shoe that will make you feel like you are flying. It uses Diadora’s Blushield technology, which is an adaptive gel-like cushioning that cradles your foot, absorbs impact and minimizes asymmetrical behavior to give you a smooth run.

The upper of the Volo 4 is made with a lightweight air mesh material that is incredibly breathable. The result is a cushioned and comfortable running shoe for long runs that’s also lightweight enough to pick up the pace during your speedwork.

Best for Racing: Diadora Gara Carbon

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Italians know how to make things that go fast, from sports cars to racing shoes—and the Diadora Gara Carbon lives up to this reputation. It has one of the most efficient carbon plates in the market, thanks to a collaboration with Ducati Motors for the design. Lightweight and propulsive, you will race fast in this shoe.

Best for Wide Feet: Diadora Mythos Blushield 8 Vortice

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For runners who love a plush shoe, the Diadora Mythos Vortice 8 is the perfect match.

The Vortice has Diadora’s signature Blushield technology, which cradles the foot to reduce any asymmetrical movement in your feet and absorbs impact to give you soft landings and a comfortable step-in feel. This gel-like material also gives you cushion and comfort without sacrificing responsiveness, so you can keep moving quickly.

The upper fits like a glove with Diadora’s tight-weave upper that increases breathability and holds its shape for longer. There is also a deep instep that works well with insoles or wider feet. Plus, it comes in wide.

You can feel the Italian luxuriousness mile after mile in the Diadora Mythos Vortice 8.

Best for Stability: Diadora Mythos Blushield Vigore 2

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Want a combination of cushion and stability? Look no further than the Diadora Mythos Blushield Vigore 2. This shoe uses DD Anima, a midsole foam that gives you the utmost cushioning and a powerful toe-off. This along with Diadora’s Blushield technology combines both cushioning and responsiveness while cradling the foot to reduce any asymmetrical tendencies between the feet.

The Vigore 2 is a great shoe for people who overpronate or have flexible arches because it uses a TRX system that simulates the presence of a medial post without increasing the weight or making the sole firmer. Diadora also added TPU overlays to their two-toned mesh upper to give your foot more security and stability throughout your run.

Best Diadora Running Shoe for Long Distance: Equipe Nucleo

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Get ready to put in the miles with the Diadora Equipe Nucleo.

This Italian-designed shoe was made for high-mileage running. It features DD Anima, Diadora’s more responsive and energetic foam for a smooth, fast and propulsive run. The internal midfoot structure helps to reduce distance fatigue, while the Duratech 5000 outsole gives you the durability to put in the miles.

The Diadora Equipe Nucleo is lightweight and responsive, perfect for long-distance runners.

Best for Cushioning: Diadora Atomo V7000-2

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Soft and squishy, there is nothing like running in the Diadora Atomo V7000-2. Made in Italy, this shoe has the ideal balance of lightness, responsiveness and cushion. It works well for high-mileage runs, slow easy runs or when you are looking for a little extra comfort throughout your day.

Best Diadora Shoe for Standing on Your Feet All Day: Diadora Cellula

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High-cushioned for long days on your feet, the Diadora Cellula will keep you comfortable from sunup to sundown. There is some extra support through the arch to give you a lift when your feet start to get tired, while the stylish upper gets you excited to lace them up each morning. Plus, you’ll want to keep them on when you meet up with friends after work.

Best Diadora Shoe for Pickleball: Diadora Trofeo 2 AG Pickleball

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Whether pickleball is your main form of exercise or you are using it for cross-training, the Diadora Trofeo 2 AG Pickleball shoe will help you win your matches.

This shoe was designed specifically for pickleball with a CCB medial stabilizer that lets you make hard cuts and sharp turns with ease. The shoe is lightweight, flexible and responsive, so you can be nimble and light while running after shots.

The outsole gives you enough traction to turn on a dime, while the upper is breathable to allow you to play all summer long. Take your game to the next level with the Diadora Trofeo 2 AG Pickleball shoe.

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