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Street-ready style meets Italian swagger in the best Diadora running shoes.

The Italian brand brings high-quality design and materials to the forefront of all of their running shoes, making them some of the most comfortable shoes you can find.

Innovative, lightweight technology makes Diadora shoes a great choice for runners of all abilities. Whether you're looking for extra stability or a lightweight road racer, Diadora makes it easy to find the right shoes for your training and lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for an effortlessly cool look or plush cushioning, Diadora running shoes can do it all.

Here's our pick of the best Diadora running shoes:

[Updated July 21, 2021. This is part of the Fleet Feet Buyer's Guide for The Best Running Shoes 2021. Find all the best running shoes from the top brands for all situations.]

Best Diadora Running Shoes for Everyday Training: Elite 2

The Diadora Mythos Bluhshield Elite TRX 2 is a go-to trainer for runners of all abilities.

The Elite offers neutral support and plush cushioning thanks to Diadora's proprietary morpho EVA foam. Blushield technology offers snappy response and gentle support that keeps your foot engaged over the midsole.

The lightweight mesh upper is breathable enough to handle long runs and road racing, so you really can go everywhere in this shoe. The toe box is roomy enough to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes and arch heights, making the Diadora Elite a versatile shoe for any runner.

A person ties the laces on their Diadora Elite 2's

Best Cushioned Diadora Running Shoes: Diadora Mythos Volo

Find super-plush cushioning and street-worthy style in the Diadora Mythos Volo.

Choose between 90's inspired colorways or the highly-reflective (HIP) upper so you can strut your stuff out with friends or on the run.

Soft, morpho EVA foam cushions your every step, making the Mythos Volo an excellent shoe for recovery runs or runners looking for some extra cushioning on their daily runs. The air mesh upper not only looks cool, but it's ventilated to keep you feeling cool when the weather heats up.

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Diadora Mythos Volo

Best Diadora Running Shoe for Stability: Mythos Blushield 6

The Mythos Blushield 6 is where Diadora's Blushield tech shines its brightest. Say goodbye to heavy runs in clunky stability shoes, and say "ciao" to lightweight, neutral guidance with plenty of cushioning.

Even though the Mythos 6 is designed to offer neutral support, the overall construction of the shoe provides inherent stability to a wide range of foot shapes and pronation patterns.

The shoe is built on a morpho base that is designed to provide inherent stability to your run, without over correcting your natural gait pattern.

The Mythos 6 uses Blushield foam to provide additional stability and responsive snap to power daily training and road race efforts.

Choose between a traditional mesh upper or the highly-reflective (HIP) mesh upper, so you can run confidently in style.

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A person holds out a pair of Diadora Mythos Blushield 6's

Best Diadora Running Shoe for Road Racing: Equipe Corsa

This TPU-plated racer is built for speed. Between the responsive foam and feather-light weight, the Equipe Corsa is designed for you to blow past the competition—and look good doing it.

The shoe is built to mimic your natural foot shape, with a thick chunk of responsive DD Anima foam at the heel and throughout the forefoot. A unique Power Transfer Bridge at the midfoot is where the TPU plate builds energy to propel you forward, making light work of tempo runs and races.

Plenty of suede detailing makes the Equipe Corsa supremely comfortable and eliminates chafing while you run, so you can focus on running blistering times, not painful blisters.

This neutral shoe is great for runners looking to topple their PR in races on the track and the roads.

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A person laces up their Diadora Equipe Corsa running shoes.

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How We Picked the Best Diadora Running Shoes

We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best Diadora running shoes for most runs and the most runners.

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