Best Running Shoe Brands 2024

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By Evan Matsumoto, Mandy Wahl, Tom Rivett Updated on

The best running shoe brand is the one that works the best for you.

All of the best running shoe brands use premium materials to design comfortable, high-quality shoes. But deciding which brand is the best depends on a lot of factors.

Your foot shape, foot size and weight can make one brand work better for you than another. Same with your training, previous experience and goals. Don’t forget about personal style, either.

With so many variables, it’s impossible to say which is the best running shoe brand. But there are plenty of top-tier brands engineering running shoes for a wide variety of preferences and activities—you just have to find the right one.

The first rule of finding the best running shoes is making sure they’re comfortable. Double-check the length and width, and make sure they have cushioning that feels good under your feet. If they’re not comfortable when you try them on, they won’t suddenly become comfortable when you start running.

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are some of the best running shoe brands in the industry (in no particular order):

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A pair of Brooks Glycerin resting up against the wall of an entryway

Brooks makes some of the most popular running shoes on the market today. From the democratic Brooks Ghost to the specialized Brooks Hyperion Elite, almost every runner can find a pair of Brooks running shoes that fits their feet and their training.

The Seattle-based brand focuses all of its energy, research and development on running—no football, baseball or swimming—so you get running shoes and apparel tailored specifically for the sport.

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Pair of ASICS Nimbus up against a wall with leaves under it

ASICS prioritizes its motto “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body” when it creates new running shoes, which translates to high-quality products built for every runner.

Take the ASICS GEL-Nimbus for example. The Nimbus has been one of the most dependable running shoes over the past two decades, and it only gets more comfortable with age. Packed with technology and precisely tuned for different characteristics, each pair of ASICS running shoes delivers the premium experience runners demand.

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A lone Hoka Arahi sitting on the sidewalk

A relative newcomer to the industry, HOKA made a splash with its big midsoles. But it didn’t take long to win runners over.

HOKA running shoes are some of the most-cushioned running shoes around, making them great for long distances and jobs that require lots of standing or walking. Even with their generous helpings of foam, though, HOKA running shoes don’t weigh you down—many models weigh less than 10 oz.

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New Balance

A woman running on stairs in a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12.

New Balance has been manufacturing iconic athletic equipment for decades, and New Balance running shoes are no exception.

Designers at the Boston-based brand create consistent models year after year and dream up bold new technology to push the industry forward. With styles that can go from running laps to running errands, New Balance running shoes deliver premium performance in every situation.

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A runner hold a pair of Nike shoes, part of the best running shoe brands

The Nike swoosh is everywhere. From fashion runways to baseball diamonds, you’ll find athletes in Nike shoes and apparel.

Nowhere is that more apparent than at the starting line of a race. Nike running shoes crowd the line as both elite runners and amateur athletes take their marks, and they often turn up at the finish line to break the tape. With models built for training and other engineered for race day, Nike shoes are some of the best in the world.

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A man and woman standing in Saucony Triumphs (pictured from legs down)

Saucony has a rich history of creating shoes, and they build that history into every pair of running shoes they produce.

With more than 100 years under its laces, Saucony designs some of the best running shoes you can buy. From feathery everyday trainers and cushioned stability shoes to powerful cross country and track spikes, every runner can find a match with Saucony running shoes.

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Two people with their legs in the air wearing Altra shoes

Altra’s founder made the brand’s first prototype in 2009 by baking shoes in a toaster oven. More than a decade later, Altra’s roomy shape and standout performance have won over the masses.

The key to Altra’s success is its FootShape toe box. While some running shoe brands build shoes that get narrower toward the toe, Altra running shoes have a more square toe that allows a runner’s foot to land and push off naturally. The natural shape and ZeroDrop heel-to-toe difference give Altra shoes a comfortable and natural feel.

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Karhu has outfitted everyday runners and Olympians since it first started making running shoes in 1916, and it now channels that spirit into modern running shoes.

Modern Karhu running shoes don the Finnish brand’s unique Fulcrum technology to keep momentum moving forward. Lab testing showed the Fulcrum helped reduce vertical oscillation, which in turn kept a runner’s forces moving forward.

One of the biggest innovations from Karhu, though, was the development of the Karhu Ikoni. Designers modeled the Ikoni on hundreds of thousands of 3D foot scans captured during Fleet Feet’s fit id® outfitting process. The result is a comfortable, easy riding running shoe that most people will love.

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a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders on a sidewalk

Mizuno is one of the best running shoe brands because it delivers consistent, dependable shoes for a wide variety of runners.

Shoes like the Wave Rider and Wave Inspire have powered runners for decades, while new technology propels Mizuno toward whatever’s next. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking to get outside for a walk, Mizuno running shoes will be your reliable, durable training partner.

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Side view of the men's On Cloudmonster with the women's pair in the background

On didn’t start making running shoes until 2010, but it wasn’t long after that athletes took notice.

The key to On running shoes is the CloudTec technology. Rows of Cloud elements on each shoe provide soft landings and explosive takeoffs. Paired with On’s signature Speedboard—a plastic board between the midsole and upper that delivers a snappy ride—On is making some of the best running shoes around.

Since their debut, On running shoes have made their way to elite triathletes and amateur runners alike, proving On as one of the best running shoe brands in the industry.

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a pair of Diadoras on a walk

The Italian-designed Diadora running shoes are great for runners of all abilities. With innovative technologies, Diadora is continuously improving their footwear to provide you the best run possible. Whether you are looking for a lightweight running shoe or something with more cushion and stability, you can say “ciao” to a pair of Diadora running shoes.

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The Adidas Adizero Boston 10.

Give your run a boost with adidas running shoes. Combining style with performance, the iconic three-stripes have been at the forefront of running for decades. From fast and light racing shoes to comfortable, stylish kicks to wear around town and everything in between—adidas has a running shoe option for everyone.

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Topo Athletic

Man running a trail in Topo Ultraventure 2.

Topo Athletic running shoes will help you run naturally. Topo Athletic shoes have wide toe boxes that let your toes splay out for better balance and power, snug midfoots and heels to keep your foot locked in for agility, and lower heel-to-toe drops. All of these combine to give you a smooth and comfortable run. From tackling the trails to pounding the pavement, there is a Topo Athletic shoe for any situation.

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A single Salomon Aero Blaze 2 on a grate

Salomon has running shoes that let you explore both the trails and roads. Combining performance and comfort with a touch of fun, you will find the perfect shoe whether you are racing, running or hiking.

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