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Best Women's Running Tights 2021

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Owning a pair (or three) of the best women’s running tights means you’ll always be ready for a good winter workout or a well-deserved recovery session.

Women’s running tights are ideal for cold weather running. The snug, body-hugging fit and longer lengths give you full coverage against icy winds. Some even pack a little extra insulation for when the cold is really biting.

The best running tights for women, though, have many other features that offer all-weather (and all-day) performance: Soft, stretchy fabric; high-rise waistbands; and hidden pockets give you all the comfort and utility you need.

While you’re sure to find a pair you like that’s not on this list, we think style and function make these the best women’s running tights around:

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New Balance Impact Run Crop

A snug fit and mesh details make the New Balance Impact Run Crop one of the best women’s running tights.

New Balance designed the Impact Run Crop to hug your body. The tight fit from hip to ankle keeps excess fabric in check and allows you to maintain a full range of motion. The polyester-spandex blend fabric also stretches to keep you mobile.

A strip of mesh paneling spirals up each leg to vent heat and moisture, making the Impact Run Crop a cool warm-weather choice. Designers added a trio of pockets—one at each hip and one in the back—to stash your stuff.

With a hidden drawstring in the waistband for a dialed-in fit, the New Balance Impact Run Crop will keep you comfortable and cool in warm weather.

Nike Epic Luxe Tight

The women’s Nike Epic Luxe Tight delivers a luxurious feel without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

Nike cut the Epic Luxe Tight from its premium polyester-spandex blend fabric that lends the pair a soft feel against your skin. The spandex also gives the tights light compression that feels supportive all around.

Designers also added pockets galore. These women’s running tights have five pockets: a drop-in pocket on each hip, a zippered pocket in the back that’s large enough for a phone, and a small front pocket hidden in the waistband.

The Nike Epic Luxe Tight sports a mid-rise waistband with a drawcord to give you confident coverage whether you’re 10 miles into your long run or stretching out afterward.

Vuori Pace High Rise Legging

Nothing says comfort like a high-rise waist, and the Vuori Pace High Rise Legging delivers.

Vuori cut the Pace High Rise to sit above the hip for full coverage when you run, bend or fold. The wide elastic waistband lies flat against your body for a snug fit and feel.

Designers chose a nylon-elastane blend fabric for the Pace High Rise, which gives the tights a soft touch and stretchy performance. The stretchiness works with the slim fit to give you a full range of motion. Plus, it’s moisture wicking and quick drying for long-lasting comfort.

A zippered rear pocket and a front coin pocket cut into the waistband let you stow your essentials while you’re on the move, and the 7/8 length sits perfectly above your ankle. When you prioritize comfort and coverage, the Vuori Pace High Rise Legging won’t let you down.

Brooks Greenlight Running Tight

Women’s running tights with pockets are great. Tights with pockets designed to stop your stuff from bouncing are even better.

The pockets on the women’s Brooks Greenlight Running Tights are snug against your body to banish the bounce; a rear pocket in the waistband holds your ID or credit cards, and a drop-in thigh pocket is big enough to carry a phone.

Brooks used a wide, flat waistband to give the Greenlight tights a high-rise fit that’s as great for running as it is for yoga class. Made from Brooks’ DriLayer HorsePower fabric (a polyester-spandex blend), the women’s Greenlight Running Tights gives you a slimming, supportive feel.

Rabbit High & Mighty Tight

Rabbit used a high-rise waist and stretchy fabric to make the High & Mighty one of the best running tights for women.

Designers sewed the women’s High & Mighty Tight from Rabbit’s polyester-spandex blend fabric. The fabric feels buttery against your skin, and the spandex gives it plenty of stretch make every move feel natural.

The tight also includes three pockets: a pair of front pockets hidden in the waistband and a single rear pocket at the lower back that’s big enough for your phone.

A knit vent wraps around the back of each knee to dump heat and moisture, which helps keep you cool during your run. The 7/8 length keeps excess fabric from bunching at your ankles.

Thanks to comfortable fabric and a supportive fit, the Rabbit High & Mighty Tight will stand up to your toughest workout.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Tight

Cold weather in the forecast? Reach for the women’s Mizuno Breath Thermo Tight.

Mizuno made the women’s Breath Thermo Tight from a soft and stretchy fabric that fits snugly against your body. The form-fitting tight maintains your full range of motion, and the stretchy feel ensures there are no restrictions.

But Mizuno created the Breath Thermo as cold-weather running tights. To keep you warm, the Breath Thermo technology helps trap the heat and water vapor you generate when you get going.

Finished off with flatlock seams to prevent irritation, the women’s Mizuno Breath Thermo Tight makes quick work of warmups in chilly weather.

How We Picked the Best Women’s Running Tights

The best women’s running tights for you comes down to personal preferences. Fit, features and style all play a role in finding the right pair. But there are things that set some tights apart from the rest.

We picked the best running tights for women based on a combination of real-life use, quality of materials, details and our own top-sellers lists. We sought to include the best women's running tights for winter and cold-weather conditions so you can train year round in comfort. With all of that in mind, we picked women’s running tights that lived up to our own personal (and professional) expectations.

Standing Behind Our Picks

We’re confident this gear is some of the best you’ll find, but we don’t want you to get stuck with running shoes or apparel that don’t work for you. That’s why we offer our Happy Fit Guarantee.

Our return policy means you have 60 days to put your gear to work. Wear it, run in it, wash it. If you’re not satisfied with the way it looks, fits or performs, we’ll take it back within 60 days and give you a full refund.

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