Best Winter Running Gear and Clothes 2021

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Whether this is your first winter running or you're a long-time friend of the cold, our Winter Running Buyers Guide has something for you. Choose from our selection of the newest and best-selling apparel, accessories and equipment to keep you safe and warm on your runs:

Wondering how to tackle those low temperatures? Check out our Layering Tips for those delightfully cold winter runs.

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Best Winter Running Jackets

A runner zipping up a winter jacket

Your winter running jacket is your protection from rain, wind and snow during the winter. They keep you dry so your other layers work functionally.

Most outer layers are wind resistant, water resistant and coated with a durable water-repellant (DWR) finish, while others use a waterproof membrane that breathes while keeping water out. When deciding what running jacket to wear when you're running in the cold, check the weather—consistently wet weather calls for a waterproof jacket, while dry conditions offer the opportunity to wear a softer, water-resistant jacket.

Whether you're running in consistently wet weather or dry conditions, our best Winter Running Jacket picks have got you covered:

Saucony Drizzle Jacket

Made with 100 percent recycled polyester, the Saucony Drizzle Jacket is a sustainable option for all-weather runners.

Reflective logos and trim add visibility to your workout ‘fit so you can train in low-light conditions while staying safe. A fitted hood protects your head from the elements and keeps warmth in to keep you dry and comfortable on your runs.

Featuring waterproofing and lightweight breathability, the Drizzle Jacket will go with you anywhere, in any weather. The athletic cut supports natural motion while hugging your body to prevent chafing.

New Balance Reflective Impact Run Winter Jacket

Stay warm and visible this winter with the New Balance Reflective Impact Run Winter Jacket.

Engineered with New Balance Heat technology, this jacket locks in heat while wicking away moisture for optimal comfort during your workout. Lightweight polywoven fabric promotes thermoregulation and is wind resistant to protect you from the elements.

The specially designed reflective pattern provides all-around visibility for safe runs in the dark. An athletic cut skims your chest, waist, and hip and is hemmed just below the natural waist to provide the best coverage while still allowing for movement without extra bulk.

On Weather Jacket

Constructed with 100 percent nylon fabric, the On Weather Jacket combines lightweight breathability and durability for the ultimate outer layer.

The Weather Jacket provides all-weather protection with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish and tear-proof fabric. The cap-fitted hood will stay secure in place during your run and the short bill protects your head from the rain and wind without blocking your view.

Lightweight construction offers ventilation and breathability for ultimate comfort in all weather conditions. Plus, reflective elements placed on the zippers, chest and wrists help you stay visible during low-light workouts.

Best Winter Mid-Layers

A runner smiling while wearing a winter sweatshirt

Your middle layer helps retain the heat that is naturally generated from the body. The more efficient your middle layer is at trapping heat, the warmer you'll be while running in the cold.

Mid-layers offer a broad range of synthetic and natural options. In general, thicker (or puffier) equals warmer since it can trap air. Winter running clothes designed with natural down feathers or synthetic fill create loft, which translates into more warm air—read: heat—next to your body.

These are some of our favorite mid-layers for winter running.

New Balance Heat Grid Hoodie and Half Zip

For total coverage in winter weather, look no further than the New Balance Heat Grid Hoodie for women and the Heat Grid Half Zip for men.

Part of the New Balance Heat collection, the Heat Grid layers are built with NB Heat fabric technology that keeps heat in and the cold out. The flexible polyknit material pulls moisture away from the skin while remaining lightweight and breathable.

With built-in mitts, secure cuffs and a super-warm hood, the Heat Grid layers keep you warm all over. Plus, a longer cut offers more protection from the elements without limiting motion with extra bulk.

The hoodie come complete with a zippered kangaroo pocket that lets you safely store your belongings, so you can confidently on a run or around town.

On Weather Shirt

Layer up with the slim and warm Weather Shirt from On Running.

Cut from a soft, technical fabric knit with polyester and lyocell, the Weather Shirt wicks away moisture while keeping you warm and comfortable during your run.

Subtle details like thumb holes at the cuffs and a watch window in the wrist set this shirt apart from other running layers. Plus, a zippered side pocket lets you securely carry your belongings with you.

Reflective elements add visibility to your running outfit, making the Weather Shirt the perfect layer for winter runs.

Best Winter Base Layers

Man wearing a reflective running vest

The Base Layer is the first layer to touch the skin, so its purpose is to manage moisture, wick away sweat and regulate your body temperature. This is essential. If your skin stays moist in freezing temperatures, you won't be able to warm up completely and you put yourself at risk for becoming hypothermic.

Pro Tip: Try to stay away from cotton as a base layer in cold weather. Cotton soaks up moisture and dries slowly instead of evaporating or wicking it away, which can make you even colder. Clothes made of merino wool and polyester are ideal to wear when running in cold weather, or look for synthetic blends that promise to mop up sweat and dry quickly.

Smartwool Intraknit Merino 200 Crew

This minimalist base layer brings the heat.

Designed with a special blend of Merino sport yarn, the Smartwool Intraknit Merino 200 Crew combines the warm, moveable comfort of Merino wool and the moisture-wicking power of polyester. Knit structures keep this top lightweight with a clean finish, allowing you to layer easily.

Smartwool engineered the Merino 200 Crew using 3D mapping to provide a nearly custom fit for easy movement and extra durability where you need it most. It also offers flexibility for a free range of motion during even the toughest workouts.

With strategically placed ventilation placed throughout the shirt, the Intraknit Merino 200 Crew maximizes thermoregulation and breathability without sacrificing warmth.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Long Sleeve

The perfect base layer for less-than-perfect conditions, the Mizuno Breath Thermo Long Sleeve lets you build and retain heat while looking cool.

Mizuno’s Breath Thermo fabric technology uses escaping body vapors to generate heat, keeping you warm in all conditions. But the stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you from getting clammy or overheating as you move.

With flatlock seams and 360-degree reflectivity, the Mizuno Breath Thermo long sleeve will keep you super comfortable in even the coldest weather.

Best Winter Running Pants & Tights

A man running with a stroller in winter

Give your legs all the warmth and breathing room they need, no matter the elements. Winter running tights and winter running pants will give you coverage on chilly days without restricting your movement. Shop our top picks for winter running bottoms:

Brooks Momentum Thermal Tight

Don’t let the cold keep you inside. With the Brooks Momentum Thermal Tight, you can run comfortably in cold temperatures.

Featuring patented DriLayer thermal fabric technology, the Momentum Tight keeps warm air in while wicking away sweat to deliver ultimate comfort and insulation. A stretch polyester blend fabric provides a lightly compressive fit for added support.

Pockets on the legs and on the back let you carry all your essentials with you on your run. A reflective Brooks logo on the back of the waist helps you be seen by drivers and other pedestrians as you train in low-light winter conditions.

Best Winter Running Accessories

Person tucking key into pocket of glove

No cold weather outfit is complete without winter running accessories. High performance fabric comes together with comfortable, functional design to provide added protection from the elements. Find gloves, socks, hats and more to add some extra cozy warmth to your winter run:

  • Headwear
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Visibility

Buff Original

Fold it, flip it, turtle-neck it: No matter how you wear it, the Buff Original is sure to keep your noggin warm.

Made with 100 percent recycled Repreve Performance microfiber, the Buff Original can go with you anywhere, from workouts to days out with friends. The four-way, ultra-stretch fabric is super-breathable while providing moisture-wicking, quick drying comfort.

Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, the Buff Original offers 50 UPF sun protection, making the completely seamless, multifunctional piece an essential for all seasons.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Beanie

Top off your cold weather training outfit with the Mizuno Breath Thermo Beanie.

Using Breath Thermo fabric technology, the Mizuno Beanie will keep you warm in cold temperatures.

Thermal polyester blend fabric converts body heat into warmth while wicking away sweat to keep you comfortable no matter where you wear your beanie. Perfect for any winter outing, the Mizuno BT Beanie is a great accessory for any activity.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Knit Glove

This lightweight Mizuno Breath Thermo Knit glove will keep your hands warm on even the coldest runs.

Designed with Mizuno’s Breath Thermo technology, the polyester blend fabric converts body vapors into heat. The Thermo Knit glove breathes easily and wicks away moisture to keep your hands dry and comfortable during your run. Added reflective bands and logo on the wrist provides extra visibility.

The Thermo Knit Glove will quickly become an essential part of your winter running kit.

Manzella Tempest Gore-Tex Infinium Touch Tip 2.0 Glove

The Manzella Tempest Gore-Tex Infinium Touch Tip 2.0 glove is sure to protect your hands in all weather conditions.

This high-tech glove packs a punch with multiple layers of Gore-Tex fabric. A Gore-Tex Infinium outer shell stops wind from reaching your hands, while fleece locks heat in.

Added TouchTip technology keeps your electronics accessible while Control Trax grip on the palms lets you keep a strong hold on them. No matter the weather, these gloves have got you covered.

Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab Ultra Light Cushion

Sometimes, less is more. The Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab Ultra Light Cushion sock proves it.

This lightweight sock provides cushion for miles and miles with its Merino wool and nylon fabric blend. These fabrics work together to wick away moisture and to dry fast for breathability and comfort in all conditions.

The performance fit keeps these socks from sliding down or bunching up during your run, and strategically placed cushioning along the bottom of the foot delivers extra comfort while remaining super-lightweight.

With a no-show cut, the Vertex Ultra Light Cushion sock might be the best thing you never see this winter. These are also available in a quarter-length cut for a little added flair and insulation around the ankle.

Amphipod Versa-Light Mini

The Amphipod Versa-Light Mini provides minimalist visibility to any outdoor adventure.

This lightweight light attaches to just about anything: belts, straps, bags and packs. With two bright white and red LED lights offering 30 lumen brightness, choose between three modes of light to illuminate your path.

The weatherproof casing includes a reflective front panel for heightened visibility in the darkest conditions. The Versa-Light Mini has a 14 hour run time and will recharge in 1.5 hours with USB rechargeability.

Light the way to any hike, bike or run this winter with the Amphipod Versa-Light Mini.

Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest

All-around reflectivity meets all-around comfort with the Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest.

The minimalist design and body-hugging elastic keeps your Reflective Vest snug without limiting your range of motion. With easy-to-adjust shoulder straps and waist belt, the one-size-fits-most sizing allows for a customizable fit for a variety of body types.

With front straps that provide a bright V-shape reflection when light hits it, the Vibe Reflective Vest makes you visible to drivers, dog walkers and other runners on your low-light outings.

Nathan Zephyr 300 Hand Torch

See and be seen by runners and walkers at night with the Nathan Zephyr 300 Hand Torch.

Adjustable hand straps allow for a comfortable, no-effort carry in either hand. The 300 lumen light is adjusted 24 degrees downward to easily illuminate the path in front of you.

The Zephyr 300 lithium ion battery is USB rechargeable with three to six hours of run time at high or low light and up to 12 hours of flashing light run time. The casing is splash and rain resistant allowing you to use this light in tough weather conditions.

With an emergency siren to alert people to your location if you need help, the Nathan Zephyr 300 is a great way to stay safe and visible.

Standing Behind Our Picks

We picked the best products based on what we think will work for the most people in the most situations. If you buy a product from us and you don’t love the way it looks, fits or performs, bring them back within 60 days for a full refund.

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How do I run safely in the winter? + -

Take note of the weather and listen to your body. Avoid situations where you could be at risk for injury like icy or snowy conditions. Since there is usually less daylight in the winter, focus on incorporating reflective gear into your running kit to increase your visibility to others in the area. Dressing in layers to keep your body warm helps you avoid getting sick and keeps you comfortable on your run.

What do I need to run in the cold? + -

Layers are essential. Depending on how cold it is, you may need anywhere from one to three layers. Choosing the right thermal materials can help you build heat and stay comfortable on your cold weather run.

Is running in the cold harder? + -

The colder the temperature, the harder your body has to work to keep you warm. So don’t be surprised if you feel like you are expending more energy on your cold-weather runs or if your pace is taking a hit. Listen to your body and know that you’re still making progress in your training.