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Finding the right sports bra can change the way you run. No matter your size or activity level, wearing a sports bra appropriate for your body and your needs is important to prevent strain on your back and shoulders, in addition to ensuring your overall comfort.

Sports bras are made with different levels of support for different bodies and different activities. The three levels of support are low-impact, medium-impact and high-impact. But those support levels are relative to breast size.

Women who wear a C or D cup might find the impact levels accurate, but women who wear an A or B cup might be able to wear a medium- or low-impact sports bra for higher intensity activities, like running.

In this guide, you can find a sports bra with the right level of support to keep you moving forward — not around.

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Best Sports Bras for Sizes A/B

No matter your size, support during any activity is important. The bras featured here are selected by our reviewers as the best sports bras for size A/B women.

Handful Y-Back Bra

With glowing reviews from women of all sizes, the Handful Y-Back Bra is sure to be your go-to for daily runs and high-impact workouts. Designed with a super-smooth polyester blend, the Y-Back bra is not only comfortable, it also wicks away sweat as you move to prevent chafing.

One of our reviewers swears by the Handful Y-Back’s super comfortable design. “I’ve never experienced chafing or hot spots with this bra. It stays in place,” she says. “And I’ve run over 20 miles in it.”

The unique Y-Back construction relieves pressure from your shoulders and distributes weight and pressure down your back for greater support during movement.

Slight ruching in the front creates a flattering look that highlights your curves without sacrificing functionality. Plus, the thick bottom band helps hold things in place and won’t bunch up, while removable pads allow you to create personalized support as you need.

Brooks Dare Crossback Run Bra

The Brooks Dare Crossback Run Bra received high marks across all sizes with one reviewer saying, “I think this bra is perfect for anyone!” With a minimalist build and added ventilation holes, the Crossback Run Bra does it all.

Simply pullover the Crossback Run Bra to feel instantly supported with the molded cups and streamlined silhouette that conforms to your body without uncomfortable rubbing or chafing. The DriLayer fabric wicks away sweat while added ventilation in the chest helps to cool you down while your workout heats up.

Rabbit UtiliBRA-vo Sports Bra

Finally, a sports bra that can do it all. The UtiliBRA-vo Sports Bra from Rabbit offers unbeatable support and one-of-a-kind storage options so you can enjoy a hands-free run.

Cut from a unique polyester and spandex blend fabric, the UtiliBRA-vo offers lightweight support and moisture-wicking comfort for high-intensity workouts. The pullover design makes it easy to put on, and it features a broad bottom band that keeps your bra in place while you move.

“I love the fit of this bra, and the pocket makes it unique. Everything stays secure on the run without bouncing, my phone included.” says one reviewer.

Perhaps the most standout feature of the UtiliBRA-vo bra is the phone pocket found on the back between the shoulder blades. This placement allows for maximum comfort and security and keeps your phone or other items from bouncing around.

New Balance Fuel Sports Bra

Designed with 87% recycled polyester and a clean, seamless construction, the New Balance Fuel Sports Bra delivers medium to high-impact support for your daily run.

Featuring NB Dry fast-drying fabric technology, the Fuel bra eliminates uncomfortable chafing by wicking away moisture as you work up a sweat. The NB Fuel sports bra pulls on easily and features sleek cross-back straps for added support and style.

Removable padding allows you to customize your look and feel without compromising the compressive support. Add an element of sleek, seamless design to your running kit with the NB Fuel sports bra.

NB Power X Sports Bra

Best Sports Bras for Sizes C/D

Find great support and coverage without compromising on style or comfort. Hear from reviewers on the fit and function of some of our best-selling sports bras for a wide range of activities. Find the best sports bras for size C/D

Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra

Fleet Feet reviewers loved the 3-Pocket Run Bra from Brooks' Drive collection.

This bra does it all. Unmatched support, sleek aesthetics and loads of pockets come together to create a comfortable, hands-free running experience.

Brooks designed the Drive 3-Pocket Run Bra from smooth, polyester blend fabric that wicks away sweat and dries in a flash to keep you cool and comfortable.

“I really love that the material and pressure feels consistent throughout the whole bra,” one reviewer raves. “There's not one distracting point where a seam is rubbing, or a strap is cutting at an uncomfortable angle.”

The pull-over fit meshes with Brooks' emphasis on compressive support in their Drive collection. A wide bottom band provides the security you need to run comfortably.

New Balance Power X Bra

The NB Power X Sports Bra pairs high-impact support with unbeatable comfort to create a controlled and confident fit.

New Balance designed the Power X Sports Bra with a crossback cut to give you freedom of movement and superior support. The adjustable hook-and-eye closure in the back lets you personalize the fit to your body and makes the bra easy to put on and take off.

"I love that this bra is supportive, cute, adjustable and easy to get on and off. Because of the padding I will wear this one all day before my afternoon run," says one reviewer.

Moisture-wicking jersey fabric creates a supremely soft feel while eliminating uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. Super-breathable cups offer a flattering shape while providing added support for high-impact activities like running.

Brooks Dare Scoopback Run Bra

Open up with the open-back design of the Brooks Dare Scoopback run bra.

With high-impact support and adjustable back straps and closure, the Scoopback bra allows you to create a customized fit for your body and activity level. As one reviewer said, “I first used it for a HIIT workout, and realized halfway through that I'd never had to adjust the straps or band at all.”

Cut from sweat-wicking, lightweight DriLayer Horsepower fabric, the Scoopback bra keeps you comfortable and chafe-free during even the most intense workouts. The molded unicup gives you visible shape and total support while creating a sleek design and streamlined feel.

Handful Double Down Bra

With a long-line cut and an extra-wide band, Handful’s Double Down bra delivers high impact support and full coverage.

A patented COOLMAX moisture-wicking lining keeps you comfortable during intense workouts and helps to eliminate rubbing and chafing. Plus, removable pads allow you to personalize the fit.

The Handful Double Down bra is “excellent on runs, hikes and for everyday wear,” according to one reviewer. The simple pullover style makes the Double Down bra easy to wear all day long without the fuss of adjusting straps or closures. Choose from four bold and beautiful colorways to express yourself while you move comfortably.

Brooks Run Track Crop

Best Sports Bras for Sizes D/D+

Enell Sport Bra

For a sports bra as strong as you are, look no further than the Enell Sports Bra.

Specially designed with women sizes C and up in mind, the Enell Sports Bra offers superior support and comfort. The wide bottom band and motion control neckline eliminate excess movement, and the non-stretch shoulder straps distribute weight across the cross-strap back to reduce shoulder strain as you workout.

The simple and secure hook and eye closures fasten the Enell Sports Bra down the front for a comfortable fit that moves with your body. Plus, the Sports Bra is cut from Naturexx moisture-wicking fabric for premium comfort and minimal chafing.

Brooks Drive Convertible Run Bra

Another star from the Brooks Drive collection, the Convertible Run Bra delivers adjustable, compressive comfort for any high-impact exercise.

Designed from smooth, polyester fabric, the Drive Convertible Run Bra creates an uplifting, secure feeling on the run. The fabric wicks away moisture and features Brooks' "nearly seamless" design to eliminate chafing or pinching.

The adjustable straps and bra closure at the back make the Convertible Run Bra as versatile as you are. Dial in the support by using the discrete hook to transition between a scoopback or racerback shape.

Anita Momentum Sports Bra

Anita uses premium materials and technology to create sports bras with a secure fit and exceptional breathability.

The Momentum Sports Bra uses moisture wicking material within the cups to manage moisture while seamless interior construction prevents chafing so you can stay comfortable no matter how you move. Mesh paneling at the back clasp also adds to the ventilated fit and feel of the Momentum Sports Bra.

Designers created the Momentum bra to provide full coverage and flattering shape on every body. Individualized support keeps you feeling secure on the move without minimizing your curves.

Padded adjustable straps and adjustable back clasp let you personalize the fit of your Momentum bra and eliminate pinching or chafing at the shoulders and underarms.

Anita Air Control Padded Sports Bra

The Air Control Padded Sports Bra provides excellent ventilation and support in all weather.

Double padded cups create a secure, individualized feel without uncomfortably compressing your chest. The triangular inner pad eliminates excess movement and includes moisture managing fabric that eliminates sweat buildup.

The entire bra is cut from ultra-light mesh that ensures breathability and support. Paneling at the bottom and sides of the bra increase ventilation across your chest, while a seamless construction prevents chafing around the shoulders and ribs.

Padded straps and adjustable clasp back make the Air Control Padded Sports Bra easy to put on and take off after a workout while also allowing you to dial in the fit.

Find Your Size

Bra Fitting Chart

The first step to finding the right sports bra is figuring out what size you need. And finding the right size takes some measuring. Visit us to meet with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable Outfitters to find the right bra for you, or use our guide below to measure yourself.

  1. Find your band size. Wrap a measuring tape around your back and above your bust line in the front. If you're in between inches, round down to the nearest whole inch. The measurement in inches is your band size.
  2. Measure your bust. Find your bust size by wrapping the tape measure around your back and across the fullest part of your bust. Round to the nearest inch.
  3. Figure out your cup size. After doing steps one and two, finding the right cup size for a sports bra takes a simple math equation: Bust size - band size = cup size. The difference between your bust size and band size (in inches) will be your cup size.
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Sports Bra FAQs

How Do I Choose the Right Sports Bra? + -

Your activity determines your level of support. A low-impact sports bra is good for yoga or weight lifting, a medium-impact sports bra is ideal for hiking or cycling, while a high-impact sports bra is best for running or HIIT workouts.

How Do I Wash My Sports Bra? + -

The gentler the better. Either tuck your sports bra into a mesh lingerie bag before placing into the washer (set for cold water), or hand wash your sports bra. Regardless of how you wash them, hang your sports bra to dry to help it keep its shape and support.

How Do I Extend the Life of My Sports Bra? + -

Keep your sports bra out of the drier, as the high heat can ruin the elastic band that keeps your bra supportive. Stocking up on several sports bras you love and rotating through them will help keep your sports bras newer, longer.

When Should You Replace a Sports Bra? + -

Sports bras should be replaced every 6-12 months. Your sports bra stretches and contracts as it absorbs impact, which weakens the fibers within it that offer the most support. To maintain the best support (and coolest styles), shop for a new sports bra whenever you notice a lack in support, fraying or other signs of wear and tear.

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Standing Behind Our Picks

Shopping for sports bras online is hard. You don’t know for sure how a bra will fit until you try it on. We want to make that easier.

You deserve a sports bra that fits just right. That’s why we offer our Happy Fit Guarantee return policy.

Buy new sports bras from Fleet Feet and give them a try—log some miles, get in a few workouts, lounge around. If you don’t love the way the sports bra looks, fits or performs, send it back within 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

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