At Fleet Feet we believe in the power of running. Whether you move fast or slow, whether you cover a mile or a marathon, it doesn’t matter. Running has the ability to challenge perceptions of what you’re capable of. It can bring people together, relieve stress, help you cope with hardship and give you healthy goals to strive for. Join us as we follow Fleet Feet runners from communities across the country and celebrate how RUNNING CHANGES EVERYTHING®.


Adina Crawford: Come As You Are

Adina Crawford wasn't always the motivator and fitness advocate that she is today. Crawford is a self-described "late bloomer" who stopped into her local Fleet Feet to learn how to start running. It was the kind of moment that can CHANGE EVERYTHING®.

Today, Crawford is a yoga instructor, motivator and fitness advocate who serves as an ambassador for many organizations and brands. She writes regular yoga content for Fleet Feet on top of her full-time job as a law enforcement management professional overseeing two units in Maryland.

Meet Adina Crawford

Nathan Clemenson: Finding Community

Nathan Clemenson is a runner, dancer, performer and Fleet Feet manager in Austin, Texas. He didn't think he fit the description of a runner until he decided to train for a marathon. It wasn't long until the sport shifted his notion of how the sport and a supportive running community can CHANGE EVERYTHING®.