Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Feet Rewards Program

What is the Fleet Feet Rewards program?

Fleet Feet Rewards is our free program for all U.S. customers where you earn points every time you shop at your local Fleet Feet, on, or on the Fleet Feet app.

How do points and rewards work?

Every $1 you spend (pre-tax) at Fleet Feet stores or on = 1 point. Once you reach 150 points, your points automatically convert to a $15 reward to use in-store, online or in the Fleet Feet app!

Points and Rewards will appear on your account the day after purchase. You will also receive an email (sent to the same email address you enrolled with) when you’ve earned a Reward, as well as reminders to redeem your Reward.

If you do not see your $15 Reward available to apply to your online purchase, make sure you have logged into with the same email address you enrolled with.

How do I redeem my reward?

  1. To redeem in-store: Ask your sales associate to apply your $15 reward at checkout.
  2. To redeem online: Create a profile using the same email address you enrolled with. Once you log into your profile, your reward will be available to apply at checkout.

Do my Points or Rewards expire?

  • Points do not expire!
  • $15 Rewards expire after six months.

How can I keep track of my points and rewards?

There are two places where you can view your Rewards information:

  1. On, after you’ve made a profile with the same email address you enrolled with. Log in here or sign up here!
  2. Within the Fleet Feet App. Search “Fleet Feet” on the Apple or Android app stores to download. When you log in, your available Rewards and Points will appear on the app home screen. Be sure to use the same email address you enrolled with.

Do I need a rewards member card to earn points and rewards?

No! Just provide your email at checkout in-store or login to your profile or the Fleet Feet app, and points will populate in your profile and in the Fleet Feet app the next day. Don’t forget to provide the same email address you enrolled with in-store, or when you log in on, so you don’t miss any points!

What happens to my Points and Rewards if I return an item, or if my order is canceled?

If you make a return or an order is canceled

  • Points accrued as a result of the returned or canceled purchase will automatically be subtracted from your account
  • Any Rewards earned as a result of the purchase you return or order that is canceled will also automatically be removed from your account

How do I change my Rewards email address?

Please contact, or your local Fleet Feet, to change your Fleet Feet Rewards email address.

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