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Women's Topo Athletic Phantom 3

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Be ready for long runs and all day excursions with the cushioned and comfortable Topo Athletic Phantom 3.

There are two pieces to this ZipFoam™ midsole to keep you comfortable all day long. Your foot sits down into the shoe with a softer foam right under your foot for an excellent step-in feel, while the firmer and more responsive piece is against the ground for a more stable ride.

It has all of the signature Topo features—a wider toe box to let your toes splay, while the midfoot and heel deliver a snug fit. There are two tongue stays on the collar and a molded heel collar to really lock in the fit.

Topo streamlined the upper of this shoe, making it more lightweight and breathable. They also used 30% recycled materials, which is the equivalent of three 16 oz plastic water bottles in the upper to make the shoe more sustainable.

The Topo Athletic Phantom 3 is softer, lighter and more responsive for the best run possible.

Tech Specs

Topo Athletic Phantom 3


5 mm


7.5 oz (Women’s size 7)

9.2 oz (Men’s size 9)

Stack Height

Heel: 33 mm / Forefoot: 28 mm




Everyday trainer

What’s New

The Topo Athletic Phantom 3 has a new and improved ZipFoam™ midsole material that features a softer step-in feel and a firmer ride against the ground. They streamlined the upper and made it with 30% recycled materials to be more environmentally friendly. All of the changes make it lighter than the previous version.

Who It’s Best For

The Topo Athletic Phantom 3 is a great everyday neutral shoe. It works well for someone who is looking for a wider toe box and more natural running feeling, but doesn’t necessarily want a zero heel-to-toe drop.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how comfortable the Topo Phantom 3 feels with its wider toe box and re-engineered foam.

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Based on 13 Verified Reviews

Topo…the new fave running shoe

Lori M 2 months ago Verified Purchase

My first time wearing and running in this shoe although it’s my second pair of Topo’s. I bought this shoe for long miles running and so far I enjoy it. It is a little heavier than I am use to but the cushion is not over bearing. I love the wider toe box!


Amy 3 months ago Verified Purchase

Great shoes! They are extremely comfy and were a great recommendation by the knowledgeable staff.

Comfortable with perfect cushion

Jamie 3 months ago Verified Purchase

I own another pair of this exact style and love them. Wanted a plain pair for everyday and use the others for working out. I’ve owned 2 previous generations. These are great for using with my custom orthotics.

The Phantom 2 wasn't broken!

E.W. 4 months ago Verified Purchase

I have run in the Phantom 2 for years. It was my holy grail shoe - great cut to fit my arch incredibly cushy foam wide toe box (great for my right bunion). From the very first run I could go for miles and miles in the Phantom 2 without any pain at all. I tried the Topo Atmos recently and it felt very unstable. The Atmos hurt not only my right big toe joint but also my ankles. I was afraid to try the Phantom 3 for fear that Topo had ruined my favorite shoe and I was right. I was excited to take the new pair of Phantom 3's out for this morning's easy 5 miles. Right away the foam feels MUCH harder than the Phantom 2 which I do not like at all. The Phantom 2's cushy foam was what made it such an incredible shoe for churning out easy miles and long runs. I even had trouble getting the lacing right on the Phantom 3. If I tie them tight enough that my heels don't slip they're WAY too tight across the front of the foot and ankle. If I loosen them it feels like I'm going to run right out of the shoe. The arch of the shoe no longer hits in the right place which I believe led to arch pain in the right foot toward the end of my run. The toe box also feels less wide and less voluminous than the Phantom 2. Overall I'm incredibly disappointed in this shoe and in Topo for taking a near-perfect shoe and making it so so much worse in the name of profit. I'll probably give the Phantom 3's one more run but I see myself returning these along with the Atmos to Fleet Feet in the near future. I'm sad I missed out on stocking up on Phantom 2's before they sold out everywhere because now I don't have a shoe that I can run in that doesn't cause me pain.(This review was also posted on Topo Athletic's website.)

Great walking shoe!

CLR 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Great support for arch; I'd like more support across the toe area. That is where shoes tend to pack down first. This is by far my favoite walking shoe.

Perfect shoe for torn plantar plate! I can walk!!

Mammy555 8 months ago Verified Purchase

I cannot believe that you actually improved what I thought was my perfect shoe (Phantom 2). This Phantom 3 shoe is perfect for my feet in every possible way. I have a torn plantar plate and have looked for years to find a shoe that would allow me to walk without severe pain THIS IS IT!! I love it and would love to have as many colors as possible. 100% LOVE THIS SHOE