Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Runshield


Train in all weather conditions with Saucony’s Endorphin Speed 2 RUNSHIELD. The bold color blocking and hits of reflectivity, inspired by alpine sports gear, will turn heads as you fly by.

The water-resistant RUNSHIELD upper has a thermal backing to keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather brings. This shoe bucks the notion that a water-resistant shoe is heavier than its non-waterproof version, being around the same weight or lighter. This is because the Endorphin Speed 2 uses 3D printed elements for the upper, as opposed to the RUSHIELD version, which are sublimated.

Besides the change in the upper, the Endorphin Speed 2 RUNSHIELD has all of the same great elements as the Endorphin Speed 2. The SPEEDROLL technology propels you forward effortlessly so you run faster, not harder. Its full-length nylon plate and ultralight PWRRUNPB cushioning gives you loads of spring and energy return to have you running your best. Our reviewers loved the pop of energy the Endorphin Speed 2 brings to each workout.

The Endorphin Speed 2 RUNSHIELD is light enough to race in any weather but durable enough for your daily training runs.

Tech Specs

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Runshield


8 mm


Neutral, plated


Everyday training and/or racing, wet or cold conditions


Road, Track

What’s New + -

The RUNSHIELD upper is a new feature in the Endorphin Speed 2 RUNSHIELD. Adding the water-resistant and thermal layer to the Endorphin Speed will keep your feet warm and dry running in the rain or snow. This is the first time that Saucony has made one of the Endorphin collection shoes waterproof.

Who It’s Best For + -

Best for experienced runners who will run outside regardless of the conditions or hate cold feet. The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 RUNSHIELD is perfect for those people who love the Saucony Ride 14. It is a great plated racing shoe that is durable enough for daily training runs.

Why You’ll Love It + -

You will be excited to run in cold or wet conditions because you know you have the perfect shoe for it. The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 RUNSHIELD will keep your feet warm and dry, while still giving you that extra pop of energy to run fast.