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Women's rabbit utiliBRA-vo Spring 2023



Treat yourself to the gift of a hands-free run. The rabbit UtiliBRA-vo has a pocket in the back that lets you tuck in your phone for your run. The phone is nestled nicely between your shoulder blades for maximum comfort.

This great sports bra offers moderate support for runners with A/B or B/C cups. It has a higher neckline for more coverage with a soft v-neck design for style and wider straps for comfort. The bra is made with moisture-wicking fabric that is soft, lightweight and dries quickly. There are two removable pads, so you can personalize the look. This comfortable and stylish rabbit UtiliBRA-vo is also functional to provide a great running bra. Need help deciding what sports bra is best for you? Check out our Guide to the Best Sports Bras.

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