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Women's OOmega OOlala Thong

 in style BLACK


Combine comfort and fashion with the OOFOS OOmega OOlala Thong sandal for the recovery sandal of your dreams.

Featuring OOFOS’ revolutionary OOFoam technology, the OOmega OOlala thongs relieve joint stress by absorbing more impact than traditional foam footwear materials. The addition of the MEGA midsole that gives you an extra 15mm of the impact-absorbing OOfoam™ technology to give you a platform sandal that is even more cushioned.

The specially engineered footbed is designed to cradle all the curves of your foot and deliver a cushioned ride no matter where you go.

The OOFOS OOmega OOlala Thong Sandal is a fashion-forward platform sandal that gives you trend-setting recovery, day or night.

Tech Specs

OOFOS OOmega OOlala Thong






Road, Around the House, Grass

Who It’s Best For

The OOFOS OOmega OOlala Thong works best for people who want the most cushion and comfort for their recovery, while also having a fun, trend-setting design.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the fun, fashion-forward look of the OOFOS OOmega OOlala Thong combined with the cushion and comfort that these active recovery sandals give you after a run.

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