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Women's On Cloudventure Waterproof 3.0

Women's On Cloudventure Waterproof 3.0 in style RUBY / MAGNET


Don’t let a little rain or snow prevent you from running trails. The On Cloudventure Waterproof 3.0 is a shoe that can handle all the elements Mother Nature throws your way. It is a great lightweight waterproof trail option that still provides cushion and grip. This shoe typically runs a bit short, so we would recommend sizing up.

On has developed a membrane outer material that is 100% waterproof, but still lets your feet breathe. This material stretches to allow your foot to move freely over uneven terrain, but is a bit stiffer than the Women’s Cloudventure 3.0, making it a great option for hiking. They also included an elastic loop on the tongue, so you can tuck in your laces to prevent tripping over the ends.

The On Cloudventure Waterproof also has the same outsole as the On Cloudventure 3.0, featuring Missiongrip™, which combines different grip patterns so you can prevent slipping in wet conditions.

The split-designed Speedboard™ combined with a narrower midfoot allows for added torsion and lets your feet flow over rocks and roots. This shoe is moderately cushioned, making it perfect for those mid-distance to long-distance runs.

This shoe does great on hills or mountains. Strategically placed clouds absorb the impact while climbing uphill. The cushioning of the Gravity Cloud elements allow you to flow through the downhills.

If you are looking for a shoe that can handle any condition—be it mud, rain or snow—this is a great shoe for you.

Tech Specs

On Cloudventure Waterproof 3.0


8.64 oz (W), 12.17oz (M)






Trail Running, Hiking, Mud Runs


Trail, Off-road

What's New

The same updates that took place in the On Cloudventure 3.0 also took place in the On Cloudventure Waterproof 3.0. On completely redesigned the Cloudventure’s forefoot shape and added a split-design Speedboard™ to soften up the forefoot and give you better control and ground-feel on tricky terrain. To help you take on steep climbs and rocky descents, On also added its soft and responsive Helion™ superfoam and updated Cloudtec® configuration for improved confidence and comfort on all of your trail running adventures.

Who It's Best For

This shoe is great for any trail runner or hiker who wants to go out in any condition—rain, snow or mud. It is also a great shoe for runners who want to do a mud run while keeping their feet dry.

Why You'll Love It

This shoe is grippy and technical enough to go on any terrain, but soft enough to feel comfortable for long miles. The breathable membrane outer material will keep your feet dry in wet or snowy conditions since it is 100% waterproof.

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