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Nike Metcon 6


Be prepared to crush that WOD with the Nike Metcon 6. These cross-training shoes are sturdy, stable and cooler than ever—perfect for CrossfFit, HIIT classes or other workouts.

A low, flat and wide heel in the Metcon allows a stable base for deadlifts and other weighted exercises. There is a removable Hyperlift insert, so you can adjust the height under your heel depending on the exercise and weight.

The rubber tread on the outsole provides traction on the slick gym floor and the outsole extends up the sides so you have traction to climb ropes.

The cushioning in the Metcon is perfect for high-impact moves—it is firmer in the heel so you have a secure feel and softer in the forefoot to cushion so you can get the most out of your workout.

Finally, this is the most breathable version of the Nike Metcon yet, i. In fact Nike says it is 18% more breathable than the Metcon 5. The lightweight mesh keeps the air flowing as your workout heats up, and it is durable enough to stand up to the push and pull of heavily weighted and high-intensity workouts.

So go ahead and do that additional squat, or climb higher on the rope in a pair of the Nike Metcon 6.

Tech Specs

Nike Metcon 6


12.8oz (M)


4 mm




Cross-training, CrossFit, HIIT classes, short runs


Gym, Road

What’s New + -

The Metcon 6 is more breathable than the previous versions, in fact Nike says it is 18% more breathable than the Metcon 5. It has a lightweight mesh that keeps the air flowing and your feet cool as you heat up.

Who It’s Best For + -

The Nike Metcon 6 is a great cross-training shoe for CrossFit, HIIT classes and other workouts. Although you can do quick, short runs in the Metcon, it is a shoe that is more situated for gym work.

Why You’ll Love It + -

The stable heel and secure fit of this shoe is perfect for lifting weights and high-intensity gym workouts. The breathability of the upper will keep your feet cool and comfortable.