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Maximize your energy for longer with the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2.

The SuperComp Trainer v2 brings that race-day energy to a high-mileage training shoe. It has Energy Arc technology that places a sport-specific carbon fiber plate between two layers of super lightweight FuelCell cushioning, leaving a hollow channel through the middle of the shoe. The plate is flattened into the channel with each foot strike and returns energy as it reshapes to create a rebound-effect and keep you running forward.

The FuelCell midsole foam is lightweight, bouncy and propulsive. It has been reformulated to make it even lighter so you can easily pick up the pace. A re-engineered upper adds structure for support and a breathable flat knit material for a locked-in fit, which our reviewers appreciated in our New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2 review.

Go farther, faster and longer with the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2.

Tech Specs

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2


6 mm


8.0 oz (W), 10.1 oz (M)

Stack Height

Heel: 40 mm / Forefoot: 34 mm


Neutral, carbon plated


Everyday training, speedwork

What’s New

New Balance made some improvements with the SuperComp Trainer v2 to make it easier to pick up the pace. They lowered the stack height to make the shoe a bit more stable and re-engineered the FuelCell foam to make it even lighter and bouncier.

They also redesigned the Energy Arc plate technology, narrowing the channel to prevent debris from getting in and making it more stable.

Designers reworked the upper, changing it from a sock-like upper to a more traditionally structured upper that has more padding around the heel and collar along with a gusseted tongue. The new engineered mesh is breathable and provides a great fit.

All of these changes make the shoe about an ounce lighter than the previous version to give you a peppy run.

Who It’s Best For

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2 is a great neutral shoe that gives you plenty of pep and cushioning for long runs, speedwork and even some racing. This is a great shoe for someone who wants one shoe for racing and training or doesn’t want to invest in a super shoe just for race day. It performs well at all paces and distances.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how effortless running feels in the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2.

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Based on 9 Verified Reviews


MAV 3 months ago Verified Purchase

Wanted a shoe for my first marathon. After trying on over 15 different pairs I ended up with these. They are fast sturdy and cushy. The speed board is felt immediately! No blisters and no tired feet after using them on my 13 mile race pace long run and my last 20 mile long run! Trained with the On Cloud brand but these New Balance are on point for race day! Looking forward using them for the marathon!

Deserves the great reviews!!!

Tessa H 4 months ago Verified Purchase

I gave these a try given reviews from other runner reviews. I understand why they like them. The shoe gives a god snap cushion and response for training and racing. 6 mm drop is good for the stack. Cannot wait for the v3 to release.

Unfortunately not for me

Jacqueline 5 months ago Verified Purchase

I really wanted this trainer to work…the upper fit was great and while running the shoe felt peppy and fun. But….after every run later that day I would experience back and foot pain which has never been an issue for me. Maybe it was too bouncy and my feet/back were over compensating? I tried 4 runs (~20 mi) before I had to throw in the towel and return them.

Great for Long Efforts and Races

Debbb 5 months ago Verified Purchase

I originally planned for this to be a workout and long run shoe but ended up racing my marathon in them. While it's not as light as the SuperComp Elite v3 I found it to be a better racing shoe just based on preference. While the SuperComp Elite v3 is a great racing shoe the SuperComp Trainer held the same 6mm drop as my regular training shoe (the 1080) and it just felt more natural for me to run in. There is enough structure in this shoe that your foot feels supported and locked into place and at the same time enough cushion that your legs don't feel as crushed after a hard effort. I wear a size 8 and find it to be true to size.


Risa G 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Absolutely love these shoes. I’ve got high arches and was looking for a shoe that was cushioned but not heavy didn’t aggravate PF or Achilles issues and made for a great daily trainer. These shoes hit the mark. They’re light but do not compromise on comfort or cushion. The carbon plates provide nice landing support and a springy feel (I did not notice a louder footfall). These really beat out my brooks and hokas. Another perk: I could wear these for logging longer miles or for race day. Very versatile.