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Women's Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2



Get ready for speed with the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2.

This carbon-plated shoe will make you lightning-fast come race day. One of the lightest shoes around, every aspect of the shoe is fine-tuned to help you run as quickly as possible. The unique geometry of this shoe lets you run smoothly through your toe-off all the way to the finish line. Our reviewers found that it worked best for those who are mid-foot strikers in our Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 review.


  • Upper: A breathable engineered mesh reduces the temperature inside the shoe and supports a comfortable running experience. An internal strap is placed inside to support efficient running and prevent your feet from swaying left or right, while a lightweight heel counter keeps your foot firmly in place without the extra weight.

  • Midsole: The midsole is packed full of energetic cushioning to keep you quick. It features Mizuno Enerzy Lite+ foam underfoot, which offers 32% more cushion and 15% more energy return than Enerzy Lite foam.Sandwiched in between foams is a carbon-infused nylon wave plate that provides stable speed without sacrificing cushion. It extends through the forefoot with Mizuno’s unique Smooth Speed Assist geometry to give you a quick turnover. This updated design is six times snappier than the previous version. Underneath the plate is Mizuno Enerzy Lite, which is lightweight cushioning that provides a ton of energy return.
  • Outsole: A PU resin outsole provides plenty of grip on the road with less weight. It is strategically placed for speed and shaped for high-traction and smooth landings.

Tech Specs

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2


6.3 oz (W), 7.6 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

1.5 mm


Racing, carbon-plated



What’s New

The first thing you will notice about the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is the new geometry of the shoe. Mizuno fine-tuned this shoe to propel you forward and redesigned the carbon-infused plate to make it snappier than ever before.

The upper is more breathable and has a lightweight heel counter. Designers also added more of the Enerzy Lite+ underfoot for more comfort during long runs.

Who It’s Best For

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion is great for someone looking to race fast over longer distances. This shoe really shines in the 10K-marathon range, giving you plenty of pop and propulsion to reach the finish line.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how fast you can run in the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2.

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