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Women's Shoes Karhu

KARHU Fast 6


Introducing Karhu - this elite Finnish running brand has a century of success and dominant running performances in its history, so it’s only natural that we’re partnering with them to bring you two brand new styles.

The Fast6 takes a classic all-around training shoe and gives it a plush ride with full-length Fulcrum cushioning.The Maximum Rolling Effect creates a smooth ride throughout the gait cycle, giving runners of all levels efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Meaning “bear” in Finnish, Karhu’s continued advancements in technology are at the core of every shoe made. Their Fulcrum technology uses a runner's natural energy to keep all forces moving forward - giving you a smoother ride without any wasted effort.

What is Fulcrum technology?
By definition, a body that’s running has downward forces creating the need for cushioning to not only make for a smooth ride, but also prevent injury. Too much bounce back though, and you’re setting the stage for instability every time your foot hits the ground. The answer? Fulcrum — a sophisticated directional cushioning system that provides:
- Less Heel Strike
- Increased Stability + Less Pressure Underfoot
- Increased Energy Return

Why is it important?
The surfaces we generally run on are tough on us. Our feet simply aren’t made to handle these harder manmade surfaces - think asphalt and concrete - on their own. By controlling our natural forward rolling energy to reduce overpronation and energy loss, Fulcrum technology gives the buffer needed for an easy ride on hard surfaces.