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Women's HOKA Ora Recovery Flip 2

 in style BLACK / DARK GULL


Rescue your tired feet with a pair of HOKA Ora Recovery Flip 2 slides. These aren’t your average flip flops. Give your feet the cushion and support that they crave after a long run.

These sandals have a soft top layer EVA foam midsole, which creates instant comfort when you step into the slides. The bottom layer is made up of a resilient midsole/outsole to give you durability and stability.

HOKA included its signature Early Stage Meta-Rocker to give you a smooth ride. There are strategic groove placements throughout the shoe for optimal flexibility and traction. Plus, the sandals boast the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, which recognizes products that have been found to be beneficial to foot health.

HOKA has designed all aspects of these sandals to ensure your comfort. The jersey textile strap on top has been improved for a more anatomically friendly fit. Plus, you don’t need to fret about sweaty feet, the soft strap wicks away moisture.

Not only are these sandals great for wearing around after a run, but they’re also great to use around the house to give your feet extra support from hardwood or tiled floors. Give yourself the gift of comfort with a pair of HOKA Ora Recovery Flip 2s.

Tech Specs

HOKA Ora Recovery Flip 2


4.5 oz (W), 5.8 oz (M)








Road, around the house, grass

What’s New

HOKA improved the toe straps for a more anatomically friendly fit that provides more comfort and support.

Who It’s Best For

This is a great recovery sandal for any runner, walker or person looking for a comfortable pair of flip flops.

Why You’ll Love It

Your feet will love the cushion and support your feet will feel when you slip on a pair of these sandals.
Hear From an Outfitter

“Awesome product, especially for the cost! I’ve lived in my HOKA Oras for years since they came out. I always have an inside pair to make sure my feet are supported at all times. I live in these!”

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Sawyer M.

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Based on 31 Verified Reviews

Yes! Buy them!!!

MAW 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Extremely comfortable and a real treat to my feet!

So comfortable I wear them every day!

Nina 9 months ago Verified Purchase

I bought a pair of these in August of 2021 and two years later I still wear them every single day! I'm getting ready to order another pair because this pair should probably be retired. They are starting to look a little rough and don't smell great. I've worn them walking miles per day on vacations and sometimes do my daily treadmill mile in them when it's too hot for sneakers. I have gotten them wet many times without any issues but they dry out pretty quick here in TX. I love the tread/grip on these better than regular flip flops and even my Oofos.As to sizing...the women's 8 is the right fit for me. For reference I wear a 7.5 in heels/boots and my Hoka sneakers are an 8.5.

Hoka Flip Flops

Holley N 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I bought these because of the brand name and own a pair of Hoka shoes. I can describe there tennis shoes like walking on clouds and I have to say there flip flops are no different!! I love the flip flops so much!! Best purchase every especially if you love flip flops. Save the feet and wear some style but these shoes.

Comfy Villa

Donna L 1 year ago Verified Purchase

very comfortable

Don't really love these

Letitia 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I was looking for something similar to my OOFOS and thought these might fit the bill. They're nothing like them. The fit isn't as good my feet move around too much and they're really hard and stiff. Will stick with OOFOS.

So comfy!

Elizabeth ( 1 year ago Verified Purchase

squishy soft yet supportive!


Cathy 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I had no idea these sandals existed. My feet hurt all the time when I go barefooted. These sandals help keep my feet and hips from hurting without making my feet so hot. I love them. Have them in the coral (orange) color for in-house only wear.


Angelique R 2 years ago Verified Purchase

These flip flops are so needed after a long day at work. I put the on after being on my feet all day and the pain of the planters fasciitis goes away. Thank you to the staff that lead me in the right way to comfort.

Clouds for my feet

Jeanette M 2 years ago Verified Purchase

Love the color and style but overall love the relief to my knees and feet

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