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Diadora Mythos Blushield 5


The women's Diadora Mythos Blushield 5 balances cushion and responsiveness for a premium running experience.

Diadora draped the Mythos Blushield 5 is an engineered nylon mesh upper that promotes airflow to keep your feet cool while you run, and the upper features reflective elements to add a pop of visibility when the sun is down.

Designers used a lightweight EVA foam to craft the midsole. The foam helps reduce bulk without losing any responsiveness that runners crave. Couple with Diadora’s Blushield technology in the footbed, the Mythos Blushield 5 disperses energy when you land to create a natural transition and take off.

Built with premium materials and the brand’s top technology, the women's Diadora Mythos Blushield 5 is a perfect match for whatever run comes next.