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Women's Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2

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Catch hiker’s eyes as you fly by them on the trails in the Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2.

CTM stands for Craft Tailored Motion and includes the most advanced materials and latest innovations to keep up with most demanding athletes. This shoe offers maximum energy return in a lightweight package that can stand up to hundreds of miles of training and racing.

Craft engineered these shoes to meet the needs of elite trail and ultra-distance runners. They combine the specially formulated Vault Foam™ with a carbon plate to give you the ultimate efficiency and energy return for miles upon miles. A split at the toe of the carbon plate allows the shoe to work well at a variety of paces and on uneven surfaces, all of which occur during an ultra marathon.

Run over rocks and roots with the Vibram™ Megarip™ traction outsole made to speed through even the toughest terrain. It is both durable and lightweight to allow you to run quickly for a sustained period of time.

The upper of the CTM Ultra Carbon 2 is a one-piece lightweight and flexible engineered mesh. The material is durable and features a no-sew overlay to provide critical protection without sacrificing the feel of the ground.

Made for speed on the trails, the CTM Ultra Carbon 2 will have you crushing your personal trail bests at any distance.

Tech Specs

Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2








Trail Running, Ultra Running


Technical and Non-Technical Trails

What’s New

The new Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2 has a sock-like upper that’s lighter and more breathable than the previous version. Craft also redesigned the heel, removing some of the TPU in that area for a more comfortable fit. Plus, they reformulated the Vault Foam to give you an even better experience underfoot.

Who It’s Best For

The Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2 is a great shoe for elite trail runners or people who are looking to cut some time off of their trail races.

Why You’ll Love It

You will look and feel fast as you fly up and down mountains and in the Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2.

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