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CEP The Run Compression Tall Cut Sock 4.0


Elevate your performance with CEP The Run Compression Tall Cut Sock 4.0.

These compression socks work better than ever—CEP enhanced the compression profile to activate the nutrient supply in your feet and calves, making your legs feel stronger and lighter. CEP also made the 4.0 compression socks more breathable and comfortable by adding a mesh-like structure on the calves, innovative air channels in the footbed and extra ventilation zones.

Whether you are trying to maximize your post run recovery, running a relay race, traveling to a race, alleviating foot and leg pain or enhancing your run performance, the CEP Run Compression Tall Cut Socks 4.0 are the perfect addition to your running kit.

Targeted compression in the arch and ankle lets you take confident strides mile after mile. These socks have true graduated compression that helps increase oxygen to the muscles and stabilize vibrations while running. They start the recovery process during activity thanks to the accelerated removal of lactic acid. The compression can also reduce pain from injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and shin splints. Read more about what compression socks are and how they work.

Great for both recovery and running, they have Smart Dry Extreme Air Technology that lets the socks adapt to the weather conditions so you stay cool and dry in warm weather and warm and comfortable in cold weather. HEIQ clima-management cools the skin while the open structure design, added mesh and new air channels improve ventilation for optimal breathability.

These socks are also treated with silver fibers to reduce unpleasant odors and eliminate bacteria so your fellow teammates will thank you for wearing these in the relay van. The fibers and snug fit reduce friction to eliminate the chance of blisters.

A great tool in any runner’s wardrobe, the CEP Run Compression Tall Cut Socks 4.0 are great for running, recovery, travel and more!

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