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Women's CEP Calf Sleeves 3.0

 in style ICE / GREY


[Looking for the latest version? The women's CEP The Run Calf Sleeve 4.0 is available now.]

The CEP Calf Sleeves 3.0 are designed to improve your workout.

CEP spun the Calf Sleeves 3.0 from a new high-tech yarn for improved moisture management and better evaporation, which helps cool you down on hot days. The precision fit stays snugly around your calf, while compression helps improve circulation so you can keep moving forward.

The stabilizing effect of the CEP Calf Sleeves 3.0 makes them ideal for runners, triathletes and anyone looking to go the distance.


Mid/Low-Cut Socks

Sock Size SM (Size II) M (Size III) L (Size IV) XL (Size V)
W Shoe Size US 4.5-6.5 US 7-9 US 9+ --
M Shoe Size -- US 6.5- 9.5 US 10-12.5 US 13+

Tall Socks/Calf Socks

Width (in) 9.5-12 in 12.5-15 in 15.5-17.5 in 18-20 in.
Size (W) Size II Size III Size IV --
Size (M) -- Size III Size IV Size V

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Based on 5 Verified Reviews

Love them!

Dawn 3 years ago Verified Purchase

I couldn't decide what style to go with this particular brand or manufacturer. I have bought another style from the same company but I love these just as much. I just wish they had a nude color.

Fits like a glove

Catherine 3 years ago Verified Purchase

They do their job with support. I'm wearing them right now actually and I don't even feel them on they are soft and like second skin.

Calf sleeves

Tunya 4 years ago Verified Purchase

The best calf compression sleeves I have ever found for exercise! Fast delivery too!

Work well

Kevin 4 years ago Verified Purchase

Work well