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Women's CEP 3/4 Run Tight 3.0

Women's CEP 3/4 Run Tight 3.0 in style BLACK


  • True medi compression over quads and hamstrings for superior support of key muscle groups
  • Gentle fit leg cuffs ensure comfort for hours of use
  • Reflective logos and graphic elements add low light visibility

Our Run ¾ Tights 3.0 feature a rare combination of True compression over the quads and hamstrings, with the comfort of a nylon/spandex chaff resistant running brief. The brief has fewer seams and an easy-fit wider waist band with drawstring to ensure the best comfort possible. Our knit True Compression panels wrap around the thigh to offer compression and support the quad and hamstring muscle groups. CEP Compression technology supports the large muscle groups in the thigh like no other thanks to circular knit panels providing unmatched support and graduated compression. The gentle fit cuffs extend well past the knee and have been totally re-designed to ensure comfort for different leg shapes. They have a small, secure, zippered key pocket on the back located just below the waist as well as gel pockets on each hip. Reflective logos and graphics offer improved low-light visibility.

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