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Women's CEP The Run Compression Mid Cut Sock 4.0

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Built for performance and comfort the CEP The Run Compression Mid Cut Sock 4.0 is better than ever.

Improve your endurance and keep your feet feeling great, both during and after your workout. These socks have targeted compression in the arch and ankle that increase blood circulation, give deep sensory stimulation and provide premium support. This helps reduce swelling and pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

These socks are fantastic for running since they are made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps feet cool and blister-free. There are also innovative air channels in the footbed and extra ventilation zones for optimal breathability and comfort. Plus, they are treated with silver to reduce stinky odors and eliminate bacteria.

Run more comfortably, these socks give you shock absorption from perfectly positioned anatomical padding on the bottom of the feet. The versatile height of these socks pairs well with any style of shoe or outfit so you don’t have to compromise performance for looks.

Run and recover in comfort and style with the CEP The Run Compression Mid Cut Socks 4.0. Read more about compression socks and how they work and check out our CEP The Run 4.0 Compression Socks & Sleeves review.

Compression Level

18-20 mmHg on ankle


86% Polyamide, 14% spandex

What’s New

CEP updated the Run Compression Mid Cut Socks 4.0 by adding air channels in the footbed and extra ventilation zones for better breathability. They also added anatomical padding to the bottom of the foot to help with shock absorption. Plus, they treated them with silver to reduce unpleasant odors and bacteria.

Who It Is Best For

CEP The Run Compression Mid Cut Socks 4.0 are great for a variety of people—runners of all abilities can use them when running or to recover. They also work well for people with feet and ankle injuries since they reduce swelling and increase blood flow.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the performance you get from these socks and how the compression stabilizes your muscles while you run.

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Based on 3 Verified Reviews

A race lifesaver!

Lisa S 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Great support and compression for my high arches. I couldn't have finished my race without them.