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Women's Altra Torin 6

 in style NAVY / CORAL

The plush EGO MAX midsole combines with Altra's signature FootShaped toe box and balanced cushioning to bring you comfort mile after mile.

Standard Width (B)
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Step into luxury with the Altra Torin 6.

The Altra Torin 6 features Altra’s EGO™ MAX midsole that is plush and cushioned, yet provides great rebound whether you are running for miles or standing all day. The Torin utilizes Altra’s signature Balanced Cushioning platform, or zero drop, which means the forefoot and heel have the same stack height to give you the most natural run possible.

An engineered mesh upper gives comfort and breathability all run long. The Torin 6 redesigned the molded heel collar for more comfort and a locked-in fit. The Torin is built on Altra’s standard last and has a rounded, FootShaped™ forefoot that allows your toes to splay naturally, giving you more power and better balance. This is the only neutral Altra road shoe that also currently comes in wide.

The Altra Torin 6 takes comfort to a whole new level.

Tech Specs

Altra Torin 6




8.8oz (W), 10.7 oz (M)




Everyday Training


Road, Track

What’s New

The Altra Torin 6 sports a new heel cup that is molded for a more lockdown and secure fit. Designers also updated the tongue, adding a piece of felt around the edge to prevent it from digging into your skin.

Who It’s Best For

The Altra Torin 6 is great for anyone who wants a cushioned shoe with a low to no heel-to-toe drop. It is particularly good for those with a wider forefoot, bunions or neuropathy issues.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the lightweight cushion in the Altra Torin 6. The EGO™ MAX midsole gives you a plush experience with great rebound. Plus, the FootShaped™ toe box allows you to wiggle your toes and for them to splay naturally.

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Based on 20 Verified Reviews

It’s a Yes for me

Gina 4 months ago Verified Purchase

I truly love these shoes. The wider toe box was weird for me at first but I have really grown to love it. I’ve always been prone to blisters regardless of the brand and these have really changed that. They’re comfortable and supportive and true to size.

For high arches - true to size - comfy

Walker 5 months ago Verified Purchase

I have high arches and was always turning an ankle. These shoes were recommended for me after a foot mapping and they are comfortable long distance walking shoes (I don’t run - can’t speak to that) have comfy toe room and the shape some Joe makes it so I’m not rolling on my ankles (when I wear these). Love these shoes - this is my second pair and they are true to size.

Wanted to like them…

Sarah 5 months ago Verified Purchase

The cushion feels pretty good but the thin tongue digs in when walking and the shoe feels tight.

Incredibly comfortable & supportive

Liz Z 6 months ago Verified Purchase

This is my 3rd pair of Altra Torin’s I don’t have wide feet but the extra width across the ball of my foot feels more like natural/barefoot space when I walk or run my foot is not constricted and feels very stable.

ES 7 months ago Verified Purchase

I first bought a pair of these while visiting a friend in Oct. 2022 when I said I needed a recommendation. Loved them from the get go and my knee pain disappeared! However 6 months later they were literally falling apart. I decided to give them another chance because they were unbelievably comfortable but lived to regret that decision. The 2nd pair was showing signs of deterioration by 4 months. So upset these are some of the best shoes I've worn comfort-wise but not worth the money.

Great Shoe Not Great Durability and Wear

Maryrachelle 7 months ago Verified Purchase

I loved these Altra Torin 6s; however they did not last long. These wore out much more quickly than my Torin 4s.

Just what the PT ordered.

Bossmare22 7 months ago Verified Purchase

This show was recommended by my PT as I had bilateral hip replacement and the wide toe box and near zero drop was needed. Overall I am very happy with them I did find out that even though I measure an 8.5 due to my high arch I needed a 9.5 (gasp!) but it really made the difference! There is wear on the liner of the heels and where the bony part of the pink toe meets the foot. I wish the footbed was softer. I was walking 1 mile 2 weeks post op!

Don't buy

Ellie 8 months ago Verified Purchase

Tried a pair of these after 2 pairs of Provision 6. Definitely should have stayed with the Provision 6. Very little to no arch support. And what's with the tongue? It has a sharp plastic edge that cuts into my ankle ! Then there's the tread coming off ! They were not even that old when that started !

Perfect for me!

EJ15 8 months ago Verified Purchase

I bought these shoes 3 months ago and worn them for about 100 miles so far in the 90+ degree temps of summer here in Arizona. I love this pair of shoes. The light blue color is really nice. I saw a lot of reviews that said they had fallen apart mine have held up well so far. I had some heel pain after trying heavily cushioned and supportive shoes from other brands and that is basically gone after wearing these all summer. Plus they’re cheaper then the new version!

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