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Women's Altra Torin 5

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The Altra Torin 5 is the ultimate zero-drop shoe, ready to take on your runs and workouts.

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Women's | Altra Torin 6
Standard Width (B)
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[Looking for the latest version? The women's Altra Torin 6 is available now.]

With an updated upper and brand-new midsole foam, the Altra Torin 5 is better than ever.

The zero-drop trainer offers a premium, cushioned feel with Altra’s EgoMax midsole foam. This updated midsole foam provides support and responsive kick on the roads and trails, without adding additional weight. In fact, EgoMax is Altra’s bounciest foam yet.

A revamped upper is lightweight and breathable with cushioning in all the right places. Additional padding around the heel collar creates a secure, comfortable fit without constraining motion. The foot-shaped toe box, a signature of Altra design, allows for natural toe movement while running for the most stable fit yet.

The Altra Torin 5 is the ultimate zero-drop shoe, ready to take on the roads and the trails.

Tech Specs

Altra Torin 5


7.3 oz (W) 9 oz (M)


0 mm




Daily training


Roads, Non-technical trails

Watch: Altra Torin 5 Review

If you’ve never run in a 0mm drop shoe before, the Altra Torin 5 is the perfect shoe to start with.

Its plush and balanced cushioning makes it the perfect choice for long runs, cross-training and daily miles.

Watch Victor review the newest updates to this cushioned trainer along with why it’s a great option for folks with a wider foot.

What's New

EgoMax midsole foam creates the most responsive ride yet, while an updated upper creates a flexible, lightweight feel that supports your foot over roads and trails. As a zero-drop shoe, the Altra Torin 5 offers a neutral, minimalist feel while still providing protection from debris with a padded heel collar and tight mesh knit.

Who It's Best For

Neutral runners looking for a responsive, minimalist feel are sure to love the plush foam and zero-drop profile of the Torin 5. Robust lugging on the outsole is not only durable, but helps the shoes transition easily between roads and gravel or non-technical trails.

Why You'll Love It

The Altra Torin 5 instantly offers a sporty look to any outfit with its updated upper design and colorways. Altra’s new EgoMax midsole foam revamps the underfoot feel to be plush and responsive, without a thick stack of foam. The zero-drop design creates a unique, engaged feeling on the run unlike any other.

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Based on 11 Verified Reviews

New and different

Deb R 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I’ve been wearing Brooks Ghost shoes for the past 5 years but I wanted to try something new. The Altra Torin is designed for the road and supposedly has a high cushion level but it doesn’t feel bouncy or mushy. The Torin has the Altra Standard Footshape which means the toe box is wider than a regular running shoe and it has neutral support. After three runs in the Torin 5 I can say it has taken me some getting used to and makes my gait feel a little different than before. The cushion level is just right for my 40+ year-old knees. Not sure I needed that much space in the toe box and I should probably have still gone up half a size over my regular shoe size like I used to do with the Ghost. The top (not tip) of my big toe gets pressure from the top of the shoe but the rest fits well. I usually have to lace my Ghosts with the extra heel lock holes at the ankle but there’s no need with this shoe. The only real complaint I have is that the tongue is thin stiff and feels rather sharp; it rubs into and against my ankle during my runs so I have to stretch up my ankle sock to try to create a barrier. It only really bothers me at first and after the first ten minutes I’m able to ignore it and at the end no damage has been done. I’m hoping the tongue will flex and soften with a more wear. Overall I’m happy with the comfort cushion and support of the Altra Torin 5. I’ll stick with it and see how it goes for the next few months.

Altra Torin 5's

Peg S 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I Love them! very comfy I wear them for my walking mostly I now pretty much wear them all the time.

Altra Torin 5

Claudia B 1 year ago Verified Purchase

While I love the comfort and look there is a very annoying click click click on the right shoe when running or walking. I've done all the tricks to get rid of this. It started after 6 or 7 runs. I've only had them since November 2nd. Any advice would be appreciated.


Sharon F 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I absolutely love these running shoes. I have trouble just hurting all over when I run and these are like running on a cloud.

Nice but they hurt

Isabel M 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I love these shoes but something that needs to be fixed is the front flap. The flap cuts into my ankle and rubs against it. It actually is super uncomfortable and left me with scars. I still wear them but only with crew socks now so it does not bother me.

Weird Tongue

Joy M 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I needed a shoe with a wide toe box and this shoe does it. That part is very comfortable and so is the cushion. I feel like I am walking on a pillow. :) The part I don't like so much is the tongue of the shoe. It is sharp at the top and I have to be careful which socks I wear with them. Also with it being fully attached it oddly makes it harder put the shoes on. I also don't care for the fact that the shoelace is a bit shorter. I need to use the very top hole and that make the lace even shorter. I wish they had other colors. I am not a fan of the choices. Even so I do like these shoes.

Fantastic classic shoe

Edith M 2 years ago Verified Purchase

This shoe is almost like running barefoot. Beautiful design beautiful fit. I love the fact that it has actual rubber soles. I love the roomy toebox. I love that I could get it in pistachio green (my favorite ice cream). And the price was exactly what I was hoping for. And the fact that I ended up with the Altra Torin 5 because of a careful analysis of my gait and other factors by people who know what they are doing--that's so encouraging. Great shoe great staff.

wide enough in toebox; narrow enough in heel

Laura N 2 years ago Verified Purchase

After decades of running and 3 foot surgeries it now looks like I may only be a walker from here on out. One surgery was on the balls of both feet and even shoes said to run wide were pinching there. If I go to a wide shoe my heel slips out. These have been the best of both worlds - wide enough but not slipping. I had read reviews about the weird plastic tongue slicing into the bend in people's feet. I can feel this tongue but make sure to wear socks that cover it and it hasn't been a problem. Still not sure why they don't just make it out of synthetic fabric like everyone else!


Terri V 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I have been wearing Altras for four years. This shoe has been a huge disappointment. Something changed with the size- I had to go up a half size. The worst change was the tongue. It is long and almost razor sharp. Did no one test this shoe? I wore them for a 4 mile run and ended up with cuts that broke the skin in the front of my ankles. Even taller socks did not help. I sewed the tongue back which was not easy. Then I finally cut them back.