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Women's Altra Provision 6


The Altra Provision 6 will give you support when you need it for a lightweight, cushioned ride.

Altra took its lightweight stability shoe and made it more cushioned, durable and bouncier than the previous version. They added their EGO midsole to this model of the Provision, which makes it lighter, too. The EGO cushioning is soft but allows for an explosive push-off.

The Altra Provision 6 has a GuideRail™ design that gives you medial support when you need it, making this a great stability shoe for runners who overpronate. Designers updated the InnovArch™, which puts a webbing underfoot and provides additional arch support to give your foot better placement.

They changed the InnerFlex™ grid-like grooves in the midsole to increase flexibility and allow your foot to move more naturally. The Provision 6 also has Altra’s standard fit: the roomy FootShape toe box that allows your toes to splay naturally, Balanced Cushioning that has the same amount of cushioning in the forefoot and heel to run more naturally, and gender-specific tweaks to address the biological differences in men and women’s feet.

The Provision 6 upper is a bit more flexible with more depth and a higher instep than the previous version. Check out more about this shoe in our Altra Provision 6 review.

Tech Specs

Altra Provision 6


8.3oz (women’s size 8.5),

10.1oz (men’s size 10.5)






Everyday Training


Road, Track

What’s New

Altra changed to EGO cushioning in this model to provide for a more cushioned, light and bouncy ride. The outsole is redesigned to give you more durability with their additional rubber and InnerFlex grid-like grooves. Finally, they replaced the grooved insole with a standard one.

Who It’s Best For

This is a great everyday lightweight stability trainer for those that love the natural run feeling. If someone thinks that the Paradigm is too much shoe, they will love the Provision.

Why You’ll Love It

Lightweight, bouncy and cushioned, this is a great shoe to run in for miles. You will love the wide open toebox and natural running feel.

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Reviews (10)

4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5/5 on 10 total reviews

Katie Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.

I began my experience with Altra in March with the Provision 5 after running my first half marathon. Shin splints were reoccurring despite regular training and recovery. I have wide feet, so a sales rep recommended Altra shoes for their wide toe box. My only qualm with the Provision 5 was the tongue moved around way too much, and I had to stop during my runs to adjust it, but my shin splints went away! The Provision 6 has been my shoe of choice to train for my first marathon. It has all the stability and comfort of the 5 with the added bonus of a stable tongue. I've been incredibly pleased with their performance. They grip the ground really well and after a few uses, the high heel covering gets softer. Can't wait to see how they do on race day!

Ashley Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Great shoe for OR

I'm a survival tech, standing for long hours. This is my 2nd pair. I also have plantation fasciitis, these shoes are the best.

Wren Verified Buyer
4 out of 5 stars.
Finally a good fit

I have a narrow heel and wide forefoot and usually wear slip ons so I can take my shoes off and give my toes room. This is the only shoe I’ve ever been able to wear all day. I also overpronate and the guide rail technology helps stabilize my feet. The shoes are very light weight. I would like a little more cushioning.

Ann Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Most comfortable and supportive shoe

Altra Provision 6 is the most comfortable and supportive shoe I've ever owned. The arch support hits in the exact spot I need it. They're roomy without being sloppy. I love the rounded front which provides extra room for my toes. Walking in them is like walking on a cloud. And, I love the colors that they come in.

Sally. Verified Buyer
3 out of 5 stars.
They don't work for walking

Too difficult to walk in this shoe. Even with pads in the heels, the shoe seems not to be made for walking.

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