Altra Escalante 3

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Star Rating is 4 / 5
12 Verified Reviews
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Get ready to run in the Altra Escalante 3.

The much anticipated update to this lightweight running shoe, the Altra Escalante 3 delivers with a bouncy, fun ride. The Escalante 3 has an Altra EGO™ midsole for a responsive, yet soft run. It sports Altra’s signature Balanced Cushioning where the stack height of the forefoot and heel are the same—also called zero-drop—for a smooth, natural running stride.

Altra redefined the shape of the shoe a bit, widening it in the midfoot to make it feel a bit more stable. This increases the versatility of the shoe and allows it to be used for running and the occasional gym workout. The Escalante 3 is built on Altra’s original last with its signature FootShaped toe box, making it the widest and most roomy Altra option.

The sock-like upper of the Escalante 3 conforms to your foot, giving you a ton of comfort and breathability. Altra tweaked this upper to provide the best fit possible, giving it a more padded tongue, adding the extra eyelet for heel-lock lacing technique and making it more secure in the midfoot.

The outsole has a bit more rubber on the bottom to increase the durability and make it work in the gym, too. The Altra Escalante 3 provides a smooth, bouncy ride for those long runs, but is lightweight enough to pick up the pace for your tempo runs and speedwork.

Tech Specs

Altra Escalante 3




7.7oz (W), 9.3oz (M)




Everyday Training


Road, Track

What’s New

The Altra Escalante 3 gets an update to the sock-like upper to make it more comfortable and breathable. Designers added an extra lacing eyelet so you can get a locked down feel and padded the tongue for a more comfortable fit. They redefined the shape and outsole of the shoe to give it more versatility.

Who It’s Best For

The Altra Escalante 3 is a great shoe for people who want one running shoe to do everything. It is lightweight enough to pick up the pace, but comfortable and durable enough for those long runs. The changes made to the shoe also make it great for all day wearability or some gym work. It also works best for those who love Altra’s signature FootShape toe box and zero heel to toe drop.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the sock-like fit of the Altra Escalante 3 and how it makes you feel as though you aren’t wearing shoes. The responsive, cushioned foam is versatile and feels great whether you are running for miles or just wearing it around town.

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Star Rating is 4 / 5
Based on 12 Verified Reviews
Star Rating is 1 / 5

Blown away by how uncomfortable they are

Girlfactory 4 months ago Verified Purchase

The other reviewers were spot on; these are the most uncomfortable high end shoes I've ever worn. I stand for 5-6 hours at a time working concerts and after the first hour the pain was intolerable. There is zero padding in the heels and toes. The ONLY saving grace was the zero drop as I have nearly flat feet. Do NOT recommend.

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Open toe box and zero drop

Holly 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Fantastic shoe! Open toe box and zero drop were the aspects that drew me to Altra's. This is now my second pair. Over the last year I've delved deeper into weightlifting and cardio. I love that I don't need to change my shoes for either activity. No shin splints arch pains or ingrown toenails. Try them out you may get converted as well.

Star Rating is 5 / 5


M. 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Perfect. This shoe has the perfect cushion arch support and drop for my weird feet. I have a second toe that was previously broken and has a weird shape on top and it creates a lump on the ball of my foot. This shoe conforms but still supports. Not too much give… perfect.

Star Rating is 1 / 5

Awful shoe

Fast W 7 months ago Verified Purchase

These shoes were purchased last month. These are the most unresponsive clunky shoes I have ever owned. They also caused a great deal of discomfort in my knees and back. Previously until discontinued I wore the Escalante 2.5. Why did Altra change an outstanding shoes and create the Escalante 3. I am very disappointed.

Star Rating is 4 / 5

the old earth shoe!

Jakey 3 8 months ago Verified Purchase

Love the look of the Old Earth shoe. Wide toe box which I needed. The left arch is a little firm hope it softens in time. Great with socks or bare foot. The problem I have with shoes (all) is my left foot is wider than my right. All shoe makers make the right shoe wider than the left. This is the first shoe out of 5 brands I have tried and 6 stores. Thank you Fleet Feet!!

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Altra Escalante 3 shoes

Pam 1 year ago Verified Purchase

These are great shoes! I have wide feet and have a hard time finding shoes that really fit at first wear. These really make the cut.

Star Rating is 5 / 5

I Love These Shoes

Pamela O 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Huge Altra fan and the Escalante 3 do not disappoint especially if you need a wide toe box and a soft mesh body!!!

Star Rating is 5 / 5

My Toes Are Happy

Yarrow 1 year ago Verified Purchase

These shoes are perfect to help my toes to recover from the grip reflex of wearing flipflops for decades. These shoes are helping reduce the pain in my toes.

Star Rating is 3 / 5

Altra Escalante 3

Anne P 1 year ago Verified Purchase

It’s light and has lots of room in the toe area. The laces go underneath the tongue of the shoe for the bottom two holes. I find this uncomfortable and I’ve improvised by not crossing the laces through these holes. It’s better but not great particularly when I’m wearing them for an extended period of time. I still have marls on my foot.