UCAN Drinks

UCAN Energy + Protein - 12 Serving Bag



Recover like top professional athletes and unlock long-lasting energy with UCAN Energy + Protein.

Powered by UCAN’s unique LIVSTEADY complex carbohydrate and whey protein, the Energy + Protein powder drink mix optimizes your post-workout muscle repair, curbs hunger cravings in between meals and gives you long-lasting energy to power through your day.

UCAN’s epic blend of clean, natural ingredients is gentle on the stomach and has a slow, time-released absorption profile to deliver steady energy to your muscles and brain. It also maintains blood sugar levels to prevent those heart-racing highs and crashing lows.

Drink a UCAN Energy + Protein mix immediately after a workout, in the morning for a high-protein breakfast, or anytime you need to supercharge your recovery and sustain your energy throughout the day.

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