Therabody PRO G5

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Want to amp up your recovery? Untie stubborn knots and soothe achy muscles with the powerful Theragun PRO G5.

The Theragun PRO G5 is smarter and quieter than ever before. Powered by an EQ-150 motor, the PRO is 20% quieter than previous generations. But even though Theragun turned down the volume, the PRO is as powerful as ever.

Engineers built the PRO to deliver a quality massage and long-lasting relief. The 16 mm amplitude works deep into muscles, and a customizable speed range (1750 - 2400 PPMs) puts you in control of your recovery.

Six different massaging attachments help you fine-tune the work to different muscle groups, and the ergonomic, triangle-shaped handle lets you hit hard-to-reach spots, like the middle of your back.

With a seamless Bluetooth connection to the Therabody app, the new Theragun PRO G5 puts professional recovery at your fingertips.

Tech specs

Theragun PRO G5


2.76 lbs

Battery life

150 minutes

Speed range

1750 - 2400 PPMs


16 mm

What’s New

The Theragun PRO G5 sports a second-generation EQ-150 motor that’s 20% quieter than previous versions. Visually guided, built-in massage routines take the guesswork out of recovery, and a new Micro-Point attachment provides increased stimulation.

What’s Included

- Theragun PRO® device

- 6 Attachments: Standard Ball, Dampener, Thumb, Wedge, SuperSoft, Micropoint

- USB-C cable and adapter

- 1 Lithium-ion battery (150 minutes)

- Soft case

- Attachment pouch

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