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Theragun G3

The Theragun G3 is a powerful and versatile percussion massage device that helps soothe sore muscles and break up adhesions. Get free shipping on the G3 at Fleet Feet.

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The Theragun G3 delivers unmatched deep muscle massage thanks to its powerful action.

The G3 provides up to 40 lbs of force to relieve soreness and break up muscle adhesions. With two speeds, a no-stall design and quiet operation, the Theragun G3 is a premium percussion massage tool that's easy to hold and move. Plus, with a one-hour battery life, you can be sure the G3 will last for as long as you need it to.

Theragun G3 benefits include:

  • Releasing muscle tension, tightness and soreness
  • Accelerating warmup and recovery
  • Relieving pain

Theragun designed the G3 for depth, speed and force. The combination of the three characteristics delivers an effective and versatile massage.

Tech specs

Theragun G3


16 mm of head travel


29 or 40 percussions per second


Up to 40 lbs


2.7 lbs


Plastic composite




Lithium ion

Battery life

Up to 1 hour

With each G3, Theragun includes a travel case, power adapter and four interchangeable pro attachments. Each attachment provides a different sensation to help pinpoint the right massage for the right muscles.

The G3’s four attachments are:

  • Dampener. A softer feel for tenders areas or near bones
  • Standard ball. An all-around attachment ideal for most areas
  • Thumb. Smaller surface area for deeper, more precise work, like your lower back or trigger point therapy
  • Cone. The most precise attachment, great for pinpoint muscle treatment

Theragun made each attachment from closed-cell foam for a safer, softer alternative to rigid plastic attachments on other massage devices. The non-porous foam doesn’t absorb sweat, lotions or oils, and it’s easy to wipe clean after use.

With an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to reach your legs, arms or back, the Theragun G3 gives you a powerful percussion massage in a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver unit.