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Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support (Copper)

 in style COPPER

Personalized comfort and arch support insoles that form to the shape of your feet – no casting or baking required. Shop Superfeet at Fleet Feet and receive free shipping on orders over $99.

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Tried and true, Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support (Copper) insoles give you an incredible fit that feels like they were made custom for your feet. Soft and cushioned memory foam imprints the shape of your foot while you stand, walk or run—no casting or baking required.

Simply add these insoles to your running shoes, work boots or casual footwear for subtle, yet firm support that cradles your heels and hugs the arches to relieve pain and encourage natural foot alignment and movement.

If you have sensitive or flat feet, Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support insoles will give you the most flexible and accommodating shape and support.


Superfeet Insole Sizes

Shoe Size


Youth 11.5 - 13


Youth 13.5 - 2


Youth 2.5 - 4 | Women 4.5 - 6


Women 6.5 - 8 | Men 5.5 - 7


Women 8.5 - 10 | Men 7.5 - 9


Women 10.5 - 12 | Men 9.5-11


Men 11.5 - 13


Men 13.5 - 15


Men 15.5 - 17

New name! Same comfort and support. This insole was previously called Superfeet COPPER. Superfeet changed the name to All-Purpose Memory Foam Support to help you more easily match your foot shape to an insole.

Still unsure? Check out our guide on How to Choose the Right Superfeet Insole or visit your local Fleet Feet and be fit for Superfeet insoles using our 3D foot-scanning technology.


Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support (Copper)

What it’s best for

All-day wear, people with sensitive feet

Support (responsive or dynamic?)


Arch shape





Memory foam

Who It's Best For

Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support insoles are best for those with sensitive feet or low-medium arches looking to add extra cushioning and support into their shoes. Due to the extra thickness of the full-length memory foam, these insoles work best in roomy to moderate-fitting footwear with a removable insole.

Why You'll Love Them

Great for working on your feet all day or casual use, Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support insoles have a gentle, low arch shape that helps stabilize your foot to reduce daily stress on your feet, ankles, knees and back.

How Long Do They Last

Superfeet insoles generally last up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first. If you are unsure of when you last bought a pair, there are a few signs that can tell you it’s time to buy a new pair of insoles for your running shoes. First, check for any white marks from bending on the plastic heel cup, similar to how a credit card looks when damaged. Then, check to see if the medial arch support shape is rubbed away or worn down. Lastly, if the shape of your foot is clearly imprinted over the entire insole or has worn through the fabric, it is likely time for some replacements.


You’ll need to trim your insoles to fit them in your shoes. Take the stock insole out of your shoe, and place it on top of your Superfeet insole, making sure to line up the insoles at the heel. Use a pen or marker to trace the shape of the stock insole onto the Superfeet product, and then use sharp scissors to trim off the excess around the toe. Check out our video on how to trim your insoles.

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Based on 7 Verified Reviews

Tried & True 2.0

lisa G 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I love these in my tennis shoes work boots and any other shoe that is my true width and length. I'm a wide 9.5 or regular 10. I don't have to trim them whatsoever. As always I follow the policy of faded FleetFeet emblem when it's time to replace them.

Super Feet Copper

Lisa 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Best insert ever!!!

Copper feet insoles

Janet 3 years ago Verified Purchase


Great neighbors

Gayle 3 years ago Verified Purchase

The folks at Fleet Feet are so knowledgeable and helpful. Due to COVID I ordered online and they shipped same day.

Sodo Fleet Feet

Judith 4 years ago Verified Purchase

Wonderful staff and service! Helpful in ordering my copper inserts. Wish I hadn't waited so long to purchase. My feet are slowly returning to normal.

Been using copper since I

Eric 4 years ago Verified Purchase

Been using copper since I fractured my knee 5 years ago. I won't use any other insole's because my feet and my knees do not hurt at the end of the day.