Spring Gels

Spring Endurance Meal



Enjoy the richness of wholesome ingredients and get the fuel you need to power your most enduring challenge, uninterrupted by GI problems!

We created a new category of prerace/pre-workout performance nutrition Spring products.

First in line is Wolf Pack, a meal made with high-quality ingredients that you can have right before a race or a workout. It will help your performance without the risk of having GI problems. Oat Pineapple Meal takes away the headache of finding or choosing the right nutrition at the time it counts the most. We have spent several months testing this product and gathering feedback from professional and recreational athletes. They helped to shape this product and tested in the "war zone". We already know it works very well and helped our Spring Tribe athletes perform at their optimal abilities.

Next up, Matcha Berry (vegan) provides a broad spectrum of energy sources, from simple carbohydrates (coming from maple syrup and strawberries) to complex carbohydrates (oats) and fatty acids (avocado). This combination of ingredients, with matcha tea that mobilizes metabolism, makes Matcha Berry a perfect meal for endurance athletes who strive to eat healthily and fuel efficiently with wholesome ingredients.

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