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Whether you are taking a walking meeting or going for a run, the Shokz OpenFit headphones let you listen to your music, calls, meetings or podcasts AND hear your surroundings.

The OpenFit Headphones are two earbuds that wrap around your ear. They use bone conduction to carry your audio while allowing you to hear the world around you.

These are a great alternative to typical earbuds that go into your ear, get sweaty and slip out. The flexible ear hook design keeps them comfortable and secure, so you can wear them at the gym, on a run, traveling or during a walking meeting.


  • DirectPitch™ technology gives you a full audio experience
  • Up to 28-hour battery life with charging case, up to 7 hours with a single charge
  • A quick 5-minute charge gives 1-hour battery life
  • IP54 water resistance, so go ahead and get sweaty
  • Easy controls on the headphones with touchpads. Touchpads take double-tap and press-and-hold controls and more customized control through the Shokz App
  • Ultra-soft silicone finish
  • AI Noise Cancellation technology

Why You’ll Love Them

There’s really nothing quite like these running headphones. The open-ear design means you can safely run and still hear your surroundings, like nature, bikes, cars and other pedestrians. Easy commands such as play, skip, pause and back-a-track, let you enjoy music, calls, audiobooks and podcasts without looking at your phone.

What’s Included

OpenFit Earbuds

Charging case

USB-C Charging Cable


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Exactly what I was looking for

Kevin 4 months ago Verified Purchase

Loved the bone conducting wrap around set I had but couldn't wear it in bed easily. Just as I was looking for new earbuds these popped up. Better than bone conducting sound quality fit outside the ear takes some getting used to but it works for me and I love them.