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Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses

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The Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses combine sport sunglasses with headphones for all of your running and cycling needs.

The Roadwaves contain Shokz DirectPitch™ Technology that features a low-frequency algorithm and 216 mm 2 large-amplitude speakers to give you bolder and louder sound quality, plus deeper bass. The optimized design provides sound leakage control, so you can enjoy your music without disturbing others.

Take a phone call during your run or ride—the Shokz RoadWave is designed with dual microphones built into the button to reduce wind interference. The hydrodynamic structure also reduces the impact of air on the receiver microphone and eliminates environmental noise to pick up sound more clearly as you speak.

Lightweight and comfortable, the open-ear design of the headphones means that you can wear them all day. The wraparound arc design features customizable silicone nose pads and silicone segments at the temples, so you can get a secure fit for various face shapes and sizes. Plus, there is an anti-slip grip around the temples and nose pad for increased stability and performance.

Since these are made for working out, they are fortified with IP54 water-resistant protection to help them repel water, sweat and dust. Plus, they deliver up to six hours of continuous playtime on a full charge and have a quick charge feature that allows for up to one hour of power in just 10 minutes of charging.

Sometimes you need to pull your shades down and get into the zone with some music, the Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses lets you do both.

Tech Specs

Shokz RoadWave Sport Audio Sunglasses

Battery Life

6 hours

Charge Time

1 hour charge for 6 hour usage,

10 minute charge for 1 hour usage


Magnetic Induction


42 g

Water Resistance


Wireless Range

10 m

What’s Included

Shokz RoadWave

Dark polarized lenses & transparent lenses

Two silicone nose pads of different sizes

Magnetic charging cable

Hard shell sunglasses case

Soft pouch

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