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Shokz OpenMove Headphones

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Shokz OpenMove Headphones will change how you listen to music while you run and workout.

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Ditch the uncomfortable earbuds and listen to music, calls, audiobooks or podcasts in a new way with Shokz OpenMove Headphones.

Shokz headphones use bone conduction technology that lets you stay aware of your surroundings for a safe and connected listening experience. The comfortable open-ear design doesn’t have anything inside or over your ears to distract you, so they eliminate the need to keep one earbud out while you run, walk or move.

Inspired by athletes, but designed for everyone, these headphones are one of our favorite gifts for runners under $100 because you can use them for everything from running and hiking to yoga and yard work. Need to focus while you're working? You can even use earplugs while wearing these headphones and still hear crystal clear audio.

When you’re looking to stay motivated during your workout, trail run or walk, the OpenMove Headphone’s patented 7th generation bone conduction and PremiumPitch 2.0™ deliver precise and balanced audio, optimal volume and rich bass to pump you up. Plus, their IP55 water-resistant rating means they can hold up to rain, snow, sweat and dust.

Bluetooth pairing, a six-hour battery life, lightweight construction and a secure fit make the Aftershokz OpenMove headphones a must-have for anyone who likes to listen to music during their runs, walks or bike rides.

Why You’ll Love Them

There’s nothing quite like these running headphones. The open-ear design allows you to safely run and still hear your surroundings, like nature, bikes, cars and other pedestrians. Easy commands such as play, skip, pause and back-a-track, let you enjoy music, calls, audiobooks and podcasts without looking at your phone.


OpenMove is one-size-fits-all.

What's Included

OpenMove Headphones

Carrying Bag

USB-C Charging Cable

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