Salty Britches Skin Care

Salty Britches Winter Skin Relief

Salty Britches Winter Skin Relief in style 2 OUNCE TUBE


Whether you’re running in cold weather or cross-country skiing, Salty Britches Winter Skin Relief gives you soothing, long-lasting protection against chafing and skin irritation.

No more cracked hands or dry winter skin—use this ointment from head to toe to create a safeguard against blisters and discomfort, so you can tackle any activity worry-free. Plus, you can use it to soothe already irritated skin.

Formulated to withstand salt water chafing and extreme conditions such as heat, humidity, rain, snow, mud and wind, Salty Britches Winter Skin Relief is a must-have in any winter adventurer's toolkit.

When To Use

Use before winter activities or anywhere hot spots appear.

Temperature Information

Salty Britches Winter Skin Relief is highly effective in combating cold weather conditions; however, it may soften in warmer temperatures. To restore its solid consistency, simply place the ointment in a freezer or refrigerator until it solidifies once again.


The tubes are made from 50% PCR Material – PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin, a recycled plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics. The PCR is sourced from single-use packaging, and in particular milk packs that have entered into the recycling channel. Using PCR is beneficial for carbon footprint reduction, lighter weights and savings in energy and material consumption, benefiting the planet.

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