RockTape Injury Prevention & Treatment

RockTape 2"

 in style BLACK


RockTape is here to treat your running pain.

Banish shin splints. Calm your grumpy back. Ease plantar fasciitis. RockTape microscopically lifts your skin away from the muscle and fascia beneath. The result? Decompression and reduced swelling to soothe whatever’s ailing you.

Stretchier and stickier than similar K-tapes, RockTape will delay fatigue and cling strong through your sweatiest runs.

For more stickiness, try RockTape H20.

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Based on 2 Verified Reviews

The best tape

Kristen 3 years ago Verified Purchase

This stuff is the best - stays on so much better than competitor brands.

Everything went fine. No problems

Don 4 years ago Verified Purchase

Everything went fine. No problems