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UltrAspire C2 Cup


The UltrAspire clean cup a.k.a. C2. Together we can make a difference. If we all carried our own cup the world could be more wonderful. This cup fulfills a world of needs. While being reusable, affordable and eco-friendly, it’s a great racing companion and a race director’s dream.

  • Stands on its own even when pre-filled.
  • Faster through aid stations with less spill.
  • Highly flexible, springs open for use, lightweight, quick stowing in minimal space.
  • Easy to hold, feels nice in the hand and soft on the lips.
  • Holds a full 7 oz of cold or hot fluids.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Durable, taste and odor free.
  • A great tool to help scoop up water in an emergency or for use with a filter.
  • Custom printing option available.
  • The UltrAspire Cup 7oz. greatly reduces the amount of waste generation and environmental impact of a paper cup. 
  • Aspire to be fast and clean.