Pro-Tec Athletics Massage

Pro-Tec Orb Extreme Mini

 in style BLACK


3.0”Myo-Fascial ReleaseBall:

  • Small and firm with prominent bumps.
  • Single point myo-fascial release promotes flexibility
  • Deep tissue massage:1) Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness 2) Promotes flexibility 3)Enhances performance
  • 3.0" diameter high density ball provides deep tissue release to: IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Calf, plus more
  • Non toxic, latex free closed cell EVA/polyolefin foam

*Popfoam is an “injection molded cross-linked closed cell EVA/polyolefin foam resin. It is non-toxic and conforms to EN-71 and meets CPSIA specifications. It contains no phthalates, heavy metals or latex

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Rubbish quality

Rana 4 years ago Verified Purchase

Just a plastic ball. Waste of money.