Pro-Tec EVA BOLD™ Premium Foam Roller - 6” x 35”

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Soothe your sore muscles and recover quicker with the Pro-Tec EVA BOLD™ Premium Foam Roller - 6” x 35”.

Foam roll the right way—this extra long roller allows you to do even more exercises, including back stretches along the length of the spine. It is a great tool to promote flexibility and Myofascial release. Plus, there is even an exercise program included to guide you through your warm-ups, cool-downs and recovery stretches.

The high-quality EVA foam is durable and able to retain its shape, while the textured surface prevents you from slipping off the roller to give you the best stretch and massage possible.

The closed cell surface reduces the spread of bacteria and germs and makes it easy to clean. Plus, its bright and bold colors make it easy to find and fun to use.

You ask a lot of your body while running, treat it right by foam rolling those sore muscles with the Pro-Tech EVA BOLD™ Premium Foam Roller - 6” x 35”.

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